Finding the Perfect Cordless Vacuum

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When I graduated from college, I moved to a small town in Wisconsin the week after graduation. I was so excited to get my own apartment, start my new job, and to begin my life in the real world. As a housewarming gift, my mom bought me an Oreck vacuum and I truly felt like I was a real adult for the first time ever!

I’ve used that vacuum ever since my mom got it for me all those years ago, and it always got the job done. That was until earlier this month when the big clunker quit on me. I was prepping our house for guests that were coming to stay and it kept spitting dirt out instead of sucking it up. Ugh. That’s when I turned to Insta Stories to ask for your advice on what to buy as a replacement.

Cordless Dyson V8 vacuumHoly smokes, I had no idea people were so passionate about vacuums! After explaining my need for a new vacuum, you guys came out in full force to offer your recommendations and I was blown away (and incredibly overwhelmed). Plus, I was so surprised to find out how vacuum technology has changed in the past decade. My bulky corded vacuum looked ancient compared to some of the new ones you guys suggested.

Readers’ Favorite VacuumsSearching for the perfect cordless vacuum

Here’s a list of the ones you guys recommended. I also included a few of your remarks about your favorites…

  • Shark
    • “Shark for pet hair. Better than our Dyson”
    • “Great value for the price.”
    • “It’s sad how much I love that thing.”
    • “It’s super light and quiet, but still powerful.”
  • Dyson V6
    • “It’s the best. No cord. Makes vacuuming a breeze!”
    • “This slim one is amazing!”
  • Dyson V8
    • “It is a GAME CHANGER. Toddler + dog means we use it all the time”
    • “Cordless, lightweight, and charges quickly.”
    • “Dyson stick = actually life-changing.”
    • “It’s both amazing and appalling what it picks up.”
  • Miele
    • “Slightly more expensive than Dyson but WAY better vacuum.”
    • “Pricey, but super good. The bags last forever and contain the mess.”
  • Kirby
  • Bissell
  • Husband Repairs Current Vacuum (*this was from Finn who didn’t like the idea of spending money on a new one. Ha!)
  • Oreck (*this was from my mom who bought me my first Oreck. She is definitely loyal to the brand.)

After analyzing all of your recommendations (like hundreds…), I noticed a trend…Shark & Dyson models were suggested the most (by faaaaar!). To choose between the 2, I asked which one you guys preferred.

61% went with Dyson…39% Shark.

Searching for a New Cordless VacuumDyson V8 cordless vacuum motor

I decided to go with the popular vote and I looked into buying a Dyson. A few of you guys mentioned seeing Dyson models for sale on eBay, and I know Bridget had awesome luck shopping for her side table on eBay earlier this year. So I looked into it and was happy to find Dyson models that were both new and refurbished on the site. I looked through every single listing on there and there were so many awesome Dysons to choose from (all at reduced prices!).

I ended up reading A LOT of the eBay reviews (research is my jam) for each model and decided to go with a new Dyson V8 model!

Dyson V8 – My New Cordless Vacuum

A few days later my vacuum arrived and I literally tore the box open and set it up immediately. I was really eager to start vacuuming right away, but you have to let it charge for 5 hours. That gave me time to hang the charging station (I installed it in our master bedroom closet) and read through the manual.Vacuuming a seagrass rug with a Dyson cordless vacuum

The next day my new vacuum was all charged up and ready for action. And boy, did I take it for a spin. I like to think that we’re pretty tidy & clean people, but holy smokes I was disgusted by the amount of filth it picked up in our home. I emptied the container 4 times (4!!!) on that first sweep through our home and was appalled at the amount of dirt we were living with and didn’t even know.

Dyson v8 modelSince I’ve never had a cordless vacuum before, I was amazed by this thing. I didn’t have to plug and unplug it and it’s super lightweight. The only thing I don’t love about it is that you have to hold the trigger down the entire time you use it. This is something my sister-in-law warned me about before I bought the model, but I figured I could live with it. It’s not terrible (just a mini finger workout), but hopefully, in future models they’ll come up with a solution.Attachment for Dyson v8 cordless vacuum

I’m also obsessed with the attachments that come with it. I kinda rolled my eyes at the thought of ever really using all of the extras that came with it, but I tried each and every one of them that first day. Vacuuming a lamp shade with a dyson vacuumFinn came home from work only to find me vacuuming the walls and lampshades (yes, there is an attachment for that). It was oh so satisfying.Vacuuming the family room with a cordless vacuum

Instead of vacuuming once a week, I’m now whipping this bad boy out every day and I’m pretty sure our floors have never looked better. If we ever have a baby or a dog, we will be ready for their messes!

eBay’s End of Summer SaleA lightweight cordless vacuum

To be totally transparent, I purchased the vacuum myself because I wanted it so badly (ha!). But a few weeks ago, eBay reached out seeing if we could let our readers know about their End of Summer Sale. When I saw that vacuums were a part of the sale, I said that we would absolutely share the news! Vacuums can be a big purchase, so when good ones are on sale it’s always a great idea to shout it from the rooftops.

Many of you mentioned that you too were on the hunt for a new vacuum, so you should definitely check out eBay to see if the model you want is available. If you already have the vacuum of your dreams, there are lots of other categories on sale (like smart home technology, patio furniture and accessories, and linen bedding).Vacuuming a rug with a dyson v8 cordless vacuumI can’t thank you guys enough for offering your advice and suggestions on a new vacuum. It’s amazing to have so many smart women right at our fingertips whenever we have a specific question. I’ll keep you guys updated on my Dyson, but for now…I’m loving it and you’ll find me vacuuming every inch of our place


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