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Back when we did our survey, a few readers suggested that we write a post about all of our favorite home products. We instantly read that and thought, “What a great post idea!”.  Then we proceeded to push that post back…and back…and back. Until today!

We’re finally sharing some of the items we use in our homes on an everyday basis. They may not be the most glamorous items…but they’re ones we couldn’t live without. Some are home decor basics that we love and will probably keep around forever, while others are items that keep our places looking (& smelling!) their best, and then there are a few that make our homes unique, fun, and entertaining!

First up, some products that keep Bridget’s pad in tip-top shape…

Favorite Home Product



1. Grey Quilt from Target (couldn’t find the exact one, similar to this one): Both Casey and I lay a gray Target quilt at the end of our bed, and we both LOVE it. It’s great for both fashion & function and is super affordable.
2. Jute Rug in Family Room: We got our family room rug from World Market when we first moved in and I still love it. It’s just a plain jute rug with a grey border, but it literally hasn’t “aged” a day since we got it. It looks exactly the same — no traffic patterns, no shedding, an A+ in my book! I would highly recommend this rug if you need a neutral look that can withstand some abuse.
3. Pot and Pan Lid Organizer: <– LIFE CHANGING. I hate to be dramatic, but seriously this lid organizer is pretty close to it. This $14.99 gem totally takes the fight out of putting these items back in the cabinet. Quite possibly my favorite thing on this entire list… thanks for the recommendation Casey!
4. Electrolux Cordless Vacuum: Matt and I use this cordless vacuum almost daily. It’s the perfect way to maintain clean floors with a quick vacuum. Once we are done, we put it back on the charger until tomorrow — no hassle.
5. Stainless Steel Cleaner: This is the first time I have ever lived with stainless steel appliances and I have to be honest, I’m not in love with how much they show (fingerprints, smears, anything really). I love how they look in a room, but I do not love the maintenance they require. We had a hard time finding a stainless steel cleaner that left the appliances looking clean and not streaky, but once we learned about this cleaner, we haven’t used any other product.
6. Magic Eraser: We gushed about this product before here on the Playbook and I’m sure you’ll hear about it several more times. We just LOVE the magic eraser for almost any cleaning project. It is seriously amazing!! We use it to get the stickers off of new frames, to clean scuffs off of floors/doors/baseboards, clean “scum” out of the shower– the magic eraser does it all!
7. White Plastic Bins from IKEA: The image in the mood board is the exact product, the link is slightly different. I love these bins for my laundry room, my closet and my linen closet. These bins are sturdy, affordable and plastic. They hold a ton and I love that they are short so they can fit on cabinets or in closets. Plus, they’re plastic, which makes cleaning them super easy. #dishwasher
8. Hooks from Lowe’s in our Bedroom: We added board and batten to our room this past winter/spring-ish and I’m still so in love with the hooks we chose. Classic (and affordable).
9. Euro Sham Size Pillows: Remember when Casey helped transform my bed from drab to grown-up fab thanks to her advice to add Euro shams? I still LOVE the new look and often think to myself, how did I live without ever knowing what a Euro sham was until recently? Changes the game in creating a more “grown-up” look in your bedroom.
10. West Elm Decorative Bowls: I received several of these ADORABLE bowls from a friend from work this past Christmas and I use them so often. West elm has a huge selection of colors and patterns and each one is seriously cuter than the next. I typically don’t use these bowls to eat out of, but loveeeee decorating with them. Thanks Colleen!

Next up, some items on C’s list of must-haves for the home. <–How boring does my board look compared to hers?! Apparently I need more color in my life!
Home Favorites



1. Wine Decanter & Aerator: I’m certainly no wine connoisseur, but aerating wine is just too much fun. I can’t always tell a huge difference in the way our wine tastes, but I love putting it through the little aerator. Then whenever we open a bottle of red, we pour it into a large glass decanter. Even if it’s cheapie wine…drinking it this way makes it feel more high-end.  We keep these two entertaining essentials on our bar cart.
2. White Plant Containers: I have so many little fake plants from Ikea all over our house, and I love putting them in these white containers. It’s a cheap, easy way to add some greenery to a space and the white planter keeps the look clean & crisp.
3. Swiffer: I have this thing with dust and crumbs on the floor. Now I’m not saying our floors are clean 24/7 (far from it!), but I cannot stand seeing tons of crud on the floor when the sun hits it. I swiffer our entire place (which doesn’t take long when you live in a shoebox) at least 3x a week..sometimes more. We simply buy the swiffer refills at Costco to keep up with my sweeping habit.
4. Orange Pledge: Dusting is my least favorite cleaning task, but at least this orange pledge makes everything smell awesome.
5. Jambox: We hook up Spotify on our iPhone to our Jambox and it acts as the speaker system in our house. We love how small and compact the speaker is, and we often take it on trips with us! A great speaker at an affordable price.
6. Alstroemeria Flowers: Well this certainly isn’t a shock to you since you see these flowers in just about every single picture of our home. I buy them at Trader Joe’s every other week ($3.99 for a bundle!) and spread them out around our home. They can sometimes last up to 2 weeks!
7. Coffee Mug Tree: I couldn’t find the link to our exact coffee mug tree (it was a gift from my mother-in-law), but this one is pretty darn close! I have our mug tree set up next to our Keurig and I love how it holds all of our white mugs. It keeps mugs right on-hand, which is essential when I’m in my non-caffeinated, zombie-like, morning state. Plus it’s tall enough to hide the outlet for the coffee maker. #winwin
8. Ninja Blender: Seriously the best blender ever. It’s worth the hype. We make green smoothies in the morning with this baby in about 2.5 seconds.
9. White Sheepskin: Another Ikea find that I absolutely adore. I’m sure you’ve seen this sheepskin in many photos around here, but it’s just so cozy, chic, & glamorous!
10. Washi Tape: I don’t have that many rolls, but I use them constantly! To display pictures on the side of our fridge, to seal envelopes, to write notes in my planner…this stuff is just so useful. Perhaps I need to add some more colorful rolls to my collection…
11. White Noise Machine: I’m all about a good night’s sleep and this machine creates such a soothing environment for resting. No waves or bird sounds here, just white noise.
Trouble Board Game: In our household, board games aren’t just for kids. This is one of our favorites and we bring it on every family trip or night in with our friends. It’s seriously so much fun, especially when there are drinks involved & money on the line 🙂

So now we want to hear….what home products do you love? Give us the scoop in the comments below!

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