A Weekend in Seattle

What to do for a long weekend in Seattle

Sometimes we feel like we are all work, and no play around here. We spend so much time working our normal jobs & working on the blog, and we often forget to really just spend some quality time together hanging out. In order to really sloooow down and relax, we decided to take a little trip to a city we’ve both never been to before…Seattle!

A Long Weekend in SeattleWhat to do for a long weekend in Seattle

We planned the trip a few months ago, and even convinced our husbands to come along for the ride (it wasn’t too hard to twist their arms on that one)! We chose Seattle because most of us hadn’t ever been there before, and it just seemed like a really cool, laid-back city.

Our little group of 4 is one easygoing bunch, therefore we went into our long weekend in Seattle without too many specific plans. Instead, we just wanted to see where each day took us, and just play everything by ear. Normally this isn’t really our style, but it made for a nice laid back trip where everyone was happy! Plus, we were blessed with gorgeous weather during our weekend (70’s & sunny!)…so that made us want to spend every waking moment outside.

Where We Stayed in Seattle

We are no longer AirBNB virgins! We booked a small home in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill for our trip, and it ended up being a great choice. Instead of purchasing 2 hotel rooms (& not having a main place to hang & relax all together), we decided to go with a 2 bedroom home. It worked out wonderfully, and we even bought a few groceries and drinks to stock the fridge during our stay. Capitol Hill ended up being a great neighborhood for us, and we were able to walk to most destinations. Our favorite neighborhood spot was called Fuel and they served up the best coffee!

Seattle Weekend Recap: We had a great visit to Pike Place Market.

What We Did in Seattle

  • Pike Place Market: Everyone told us this was a must for our trip, and we couldn’t agree more! We went on a Friday morning (a little less busy than the weekend) and had so much fun walking all around this large market. We were blown away by all of the fresh seafood, produce, and crafts…but we were mostly drawn to the fresh flowers! Holy moley, they had every single flower imaginable and for such great prices! We would visit here once a week if we lived in town.

Seattle Weekend Recap: We saw all the major sights in Seattle, like Pike Place Market which was full of amazing things to see like this fish stand!

    • Gum Wall: This is in an alley of the Pike Place Market and the name says it all…it’s literally an area covered in chewing gum. We were fascinated, and also a little grossed out by this little nook of the market. But nonetheless, we were happy to see this landmark and check it off our Seattle bucket list.
    • The First Starbucks: This is located right outside Pike Place Market. It was cool to see, but there was a super long line to get any coffee. So we just checked it out and didn’t get any beverages.

Seattle Weekend Recap: The boys had some beers while we were working. Seattle Weekend Recap: The boys took a tour of the Safeco Stadium while we were working.

    • Safeco Stadium Tour: While we visited the Porch offices, the boys took a little tour of the baseball stadium. They had a great time and I think were secretly happy to get away from us for some guy time. Plus anything involving sports always makes those two giddy.

Seattle Weekend Recap: What's a trip to Seattle without a visit to the space needle?

    • Space Needle: We didn’t actually go up the Space Needle, but we did visit the grounds and took some pictures nearby. Very cool thing to see, even if you don’t do the official tour! Also, a group selfie with the space need = pretty much impossible.

The boys on our ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Seattle Weekend Recap: The Seattle Skyline, as seen from our ferry to Bainbridge Island.

    • Ferry Boat Ride to Bainbridge Island: This was by far our favorite part of the trip! We took a 35-minute boat ride to Bainbridge Island so we could spend a few hours checking out the little town. There were spectacular views of Seattle from the boat, and we absolutely loved every minute of it. Once we arrived on the island, we spent a few hours roaming, checking out the marina, and had a delicious lunch on the water.

Seattle Weekend Recap: The Marina at Bainbridge Island. Bridget and hubby on the ferry to Bainbridge Island!

We spent so much of our time walking around the city between all of these different hot spots. We did take Ubers occasionally but found that walking was the best way to check out each and every neighborhood. On one of the days, we logged about 30,000 steps and that mostly includes hills! We had no idea Seattle was so darn hilly! But all of the walking made us feel better about all of the food we devoured during our stay…

Where We Ate in Seattle

Seattle Weekend Recap: We had more than on Top Pot doughnut on our trip!

        • Top Pot Doughnuts: When you travel with Bridget, you’re bound to eat a few donuts. Hey, no complaining here! Top Pot had some delicious ones and we started our mornings with a hefty dose of sugar!
        • Fuel Coffee: This was a cute little coffee shop just down the street from our AirBNB. They had delicious coffee and we grabbed a cup every morning before our walk to our first destination.
      • Ellenos Yogurt: Casey is a greek yogurt fanatic (seriously…she craves the stuff), so she just about died when she found a yogurt shop in Pike Place Market. This one had dozens of different kinds of yogurt (not frozen, but legit yogurt) and she happily ate some while we all walked around the market. I mean look at that smile…that girl is excited for some yogurt.

Seattle Weekend Recap: We had a delicious brunch in Seattle with great coffee and even French Toast!

    • Cafe Campagne: After walking around Pike Place Market we were all a little tired and hungry. We stumbled upon this little brunch spot and enjoyed mimosas, bloody mary’s, and a hearty breakfast. So yummy and relaxing.
    • Local 360: We stopped in here for a cocktail after our brunch and some shopping. We wish we weren’t so full on food because the menu looked fantastic. They source everything locally (even their alcohol) and it just had a really cool vibe. Great spot for food or just to stop in for drinks!
    • The Crab Pot: We went here for dinner and were a little disappointed, especially after we got so many recommendations for this restaurant. Just seemed a little touristy to us and was packed with people. It’s right on the water (which is great!), but other than that not the best seafood we had during our trip.
    • Hello Robin: Holy smokes this was the most delicious dessert place ever. They specialize in ice cream sandwiches and you get to choose your ice cream & cookie flavor to create a unique combo for you! Soooo good. Plus it was a block away from our AirBNB, which was deadly…but oh so delicious.
    • Doc’s Marina Grill: We went here for lunch when we visited Bainbridge Island. We hung out for about 30 minutes waiting for a table, but it was well worth it. So peaceful and the seafood was outstanding. Such great peel & eat shrimp & clam chowder, plus you can’t beat the views!

Bridget taking shots of Bainbridge Island.

It was a jampacked long weekend in Seattle, and we wish we had more time to check everything off our Seattle to-do list. Even though it was a quick trip, it was just what the doctor ordered. We were able to relax, unwind, and just spend some time together as a group of friends.

The gang of four on their trip to Seattle.

Now we need to plan our next Playbook outing! Any city recommendations for us?

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