Gallery Wall around a TV: Tips & Tricks

When we initially chatted with Maggie about the “plan” for her bedroom makeover, she told us she wanted the TV in her bedroom to stay but didn’t want it to stick out like…. well, like a TV typically does. She wanted it to be functional yet also fashionable. <– she was speaking our language!

This is an issue that we also face at our homes (at least Bridget does… more on that soon) and one that we figured a lot of you guys face too. After doing some “research” (thank you, Pinterest) and throwing around a few options, we settled on the plan to create a gallery wall around the TV so it wouldn’t look so much like a regular ol’ TV sitting on a dresser. 

How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY Playbook

The first step was hunting for frames + art for the project. We didn’t want to “force it” so the first thing we wanted to keep in mind was to take our time when searching. We wanted to not only love each piece, but we also wanted to making sure everything in the gallery reflected Maggie & her style. Our biggest piece of advice? Don’t rush it!! Hold out for pieces that you LOVE and ones that are “so you“.  By being selective throughout the shopping process, you are bound to end up with a look you love and not just a look that does the trick for now. <– big difference. How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookIt also helps if you have a vague ideas of colors, especially if you want the wall to kinda coordinate. We were searching for white + gold with hints of cool colors. However, if you love the mixed + matched gallery wall look… having perimeters while shopping like we did may not be as important to you (just a thought to consider).

After we bought a variety of gold + white + cool tone frames & art pieces, it was game time! We pulled our pile of art out and started holding them on the wall to see what combination of frames looked the best. This part of the process took a few volunteers; we would suggest trying to recruit some muscle to help hold/rearrange/adjust the frames so that you can stand back and give orders see what combo you like best. Be patient and keep mixing and matching the frames until you see the look YOU love. Inspiration: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookHonestly, this combo took A LOT of rearranging and even an unexpected run to HomeGoods to find more frames. When we finally found the look we love, we started hanging each piece. We worked from the center and worked outward, but we’re not sure if that was the best method. We would suggest doing what works best for you and your space. The one piece of advice we will say is to make sure the TV is in the EXACT space you want it to be before you start hanging anything (probably the middle of the dresser/console). It would be very bad if you hung your entire gallery wall just to figure out your TV is way off center…. #awkward

Frame the TV to draw away from it: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookOnce our gallery wall was hung, we still had to do two more things — fill in the frames with pictures/art and accessorize the dresser. Filling the frames is obviously up to you and should reflect your personality and what you love. For Maggie’s we chose to add art instead of photos of her family/friends. Free printables online, pictures from books, greeting cards, really anything can double as art for your gallery wall.

Change the scale: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookTake this ladder for example…. we actually cut it out of a book and framed it. Free AND easy!

Use more than frames: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookProbably the most dramatic addition to this gallery wall are the antlers. B scored these for $10 (!!) at an estate sale this summer! They were originally dark brown & very masculine, but nothing a little spray paint couldn’t fix. We like adding a 3D component to our gallery walls but this is not necessary. It’s just a fun way to add dimension and some extra interest.

Vary the scale of the prints: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookAnd last but very not least, it was time to add a few accessories to the dresser. Just like the rest of Maggie’s room, we wanted to keep it simple and chic. B found this gold World Fact Books in the GARBAGE (aka FREE) by her house. Decorate around the TV as well: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookOn the other side of the dresser, we added some of Maggie’s jewelry in a clear gold box and this white jewelry tray, both from HomeGoods.

Curate your accessories: How to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY PlaybookHow to Build a Gallery Wall around a TV | DIY Playbook

Who said a TV can’t be functional AND fashionable?! Now onto taking care of B’s TV in her bedroom…. we have a lot to catch up on guys. =/

Gallery Wall Source List:
(Top Left) Eat Cake for Breakfast — HomeGoods
Agate Art: HobbyLobby
Good Vibes Only: Print from Etsy, Frame from Target
Antlers: Estate Sale
Water Color Paint Frame: Hobby Lobby 
She thought she could so she did: HomeGoods
Small Gold Frames: Goodwill + HomeGoods


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