How to Wrap a Gift Like a Pro

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Gift wrapping is something we’ve both come to appreciate as adults. When we were younger, it was always such a struggle to wrap gifts for holidays and birthdays. Getting those corners to look good was tough and keeping the paper tight was virtually impossible. Luckily, we’ve each gotten a heck of a lot better over the years and we actually enjoy gift wrapping! Especially because those gifts can act as decor under your Christmas tree.How to wrap a gift for Christmas

In fact, we see gift wrapping as an extension of our “personal brand” (something we’ve chatted a lot about in this style series). Someone should be able to look at your gift and know it’s from you! We choose wrapping paper based on our style, along with the bows and tags. Plus, we always try to add a personal touch to take the gift to the next level.Heels from Easy Spirit for the holidays

Easy Spirit asked us to share the things that drive, compel, and inspire us on a daily basis for their #MoveFor campaign. Through our blog, we always aim to inspire others to take easy steps to elevate their home and everyday life! So whether it’s taking time to make your home a special place for the holidays, or using our easy tips to take your holiday gifts to the next level…that’s what we move for with The DIY Playbook!How to wrap a gift for the holidays

Here are easy tips showing you how to wrap a gift so it not only looks good but has a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

Gift Wrap SuppliesSupplies needed for gift wrapping

  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tags
  • Scissors (sharp ones are a must!)
  • Clear Tape
  • Extras (greenery, faux cranberries, ornaments, etc)

How to Wrap a GiftHow to wrap a gift like a professional

First, let’s chat about the wrapping paper because it makes a BIG difference when it comes to wrapping. We both opt for thicker paper instead of super thin wrapping paper. In fact, some of our favorite paper to use is craft paper (in white or tan). It’s incredibly inexpensive and durable. Plus, then you can really jazz up your gift with ribbon and the extras! We do sometimes opt for wrapping paper with prints (like the gold polka dotted one!), but again try to choose thicker high-quality paper.Choose thick high-quality wrapping paper

Easy Tip: Don’t forget to choose colors that go with your holiday decor since these gifts will act as Christmas decorations under the tree! Also, if you’re buying for lots of people wrap gifts for one family in all the same paper. That way when it’s time to head out to the family party, you can quickly find the gifts you need to bring.

Cut the Paper

First, take your gift and figure out which side will be facing up. You’ll want the tape to be on the bottom, so place the gift face down on your paper as you measure it out. One of the biggest mistakes we both used to make was using way too much paper. You’ll want to cut the paper so there is very little excess.

Tape the Backside

Now bring the paper together and tape it directly to the item. You don’t want to use too many pieces of tape, and make sure you pull the paper really tight around your gift.Loop tape in a circle to hide it under the wrapping paper

Easy Tip: To make things look extra professional, we always fold the cut edge of the paper so it has a clean edge. Also, loop your tape (like in the photo above) so you can hide it underneath the paper and it won’t show!

Fold the Sides

This is where things can get a little tricky. Make sure to cut any excess off the sides, so you don’t have to fold too much. Then, it’s all about making sure you crisply fold down the edges. Things will be a lot easier if you fold the sides tightly.

Then take a couple pieces of tape to hold the fold in place. Repeat on the other side!

Add Some Ribbon

If you want to make a bow that really wows, this blog post shows you how to make the ultimate bow (Casey’s mom is a bow making master!). If you want to keep things simple, then flip the gift over and pull the ribbon around it. Then cross the ribbon and bring it to the front and tie it in a simple bow!

Easy Tip: This is an O’Connor family wrapping tip! To get a “fancy” edge on the ribbon, take your (sharp!) scissors and cut on an angle facing out. You’ll then have a small fishtail end instead of a straight edge. Fancy AF.

Take Things to the Next LevelTaking your present to the next level

Paper and ribbon is always a good idea, but we always like to do something unexpected. Here are some ideas…Adding extra when wrapping a holiday gift

  • Tuck a sprig of faux greenery into the gift
  • Tie an ornament onto the ribbon
  • Tie on a fresh cinnamon stick for a fragrant touch
  • Use letter stickers to write out the recipient’s name right on the gift wrap
  • Use letter stickers directly on the tag (this is especially good if you don’t have the best penmanship!)

How to wrap a gift like a pro

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We hope you now know how to wrap a gift! We know there are lots of ways to do it, but these are our best easy tips to get the job done. How to wrap a gift like a pro

Oh, and how could we forget. Our BEST tip…stockpile your gifts to wrap, pour a glass of wine (or hot cocoa), and put on a Christmas movie when it’s time to wrap. You might as well enjoy yourself as you get this holiday task done!