Want To Come To Italy With Me?!

Next March marks ten years of The DIY Playbook. TEN?! It’s wild to think that this little blog of mine has turned into a business that I’ve been doing for almost a decade. Knowing that the big milestone of ten years was approaching, I started brainstorming ways to celebrate.

For the last few years, I have spent a lot of time at home with a pandemic and two babies. Prior to having children, Finn and I did lots of amazing trips each year. From Iceland, to Italy, to Mexico, we love visiting new destinations and exploring other cultures. Now that our entire family is fully vaccinated, we are excited to get back to exploring the world! So, in honor of my blogging milestone, I decided that I wanted to do a big trip…but this time with YOU!

Where Are We Going?

let's go to Italy together!

I sent out a survey a few weeks back and the number one destination was ITALY! So, we will be traveling to Italy in Spring 2023. We will start in Milan, travel to Lake Como, and end the trip in Venice. It will be a week-long getaway!

Finn and I visited Italy five years ago and fell in love with the country. During that trip, we visited Rome, Florence, and Sorrento. I’m eager to see more cities in this stunning country.

When Is The Trip?

Eating Pizza in Rome

All the fun happens in spring 2023. The trip starts Thursday, April 27th, and ends on Wednesday, May 3rd.

What’s The Itinerary?

Oh man, this is what really sold me on the trip. Here are some highlights, but you can go peruse the exact itinerary right here.

  • Day 1: Arrive in Milan & Welcome Dinner
  • Day 2: Bicycle Tour of Milan & Cooking Class
  • Day 3: Visit Lake Como
  • Day 4: Sparkling Wine Tour (yes, please!) and Venice Water Taxi
  • Day 5: Venice City Tour & Gondola Ride
  • Day 6: Islands of Venice Boat Tour & Goodbye Dinner
  • Day 7: Travel Home

I love this because it’s a good mix of all of the things I like to do when traveling…eating, drinking, and exploring! We will have a local guide with our group throughout the entire trip. I don’t speak Italian, so I’m very grateful to have a local expert guiding us along the way!

Who Is Going?

This is the most exciting part for me, this trip is for all of YOU! I will be bringing my mom along with me because everything is more fun when Jan is involved. I’m also bringing my assistant, Lindsey. She is the most hardworking mama and she deserves a break! And my sister is definitely on board.

We can have a group between 8-24, so I’m not sure how big of a crowd we will get. It can be scary putting this all together and thinking that no one will come along, but I figured I might as well try! My guess is it will most likely be a girls’ trip (my readership demographic is 99% women), but truly anyone is welcome! Finn will be staying home with the kids.

My favorite part about having this blog is connecting with so many of you over the years. I run into lots of my Chicago readers at the park, grocery store, and out and about and everyone is always so lovely. I come away from every conversation thinking, “Wow, I could totally be friends with her!” I would love to form some deeper connections with my readers and think traveling together is a way to dive all in!

Also, you can join no matter where you live in the world! I know I have lots of European followers and this may be a short distance from where you live, so come join in on the fun.

Can I Go Alone?

Having a cappucino in rome

Absolutely! This is a welcoming group and we are all friends here! Of course, you can travel with a friend or partner, but don’t be afraid to travel solo. This will be a group experience with exciting activities every day. However, if you want to bow out of an activity to do your own thing some days, that’s cool too! I would view this as an opportunity to hang out with like-minded women and explore a beautiful country together! I’m thinking I will get a group chat going ahead of time too, so we can all get to know one another before the big trip.

How Much Does It Cost?

Let's visit Italy in spring 2023

Early bird pricing is $3199 for the first eight people who book. Once those spots are filled, the price goes up to $3299. This includes all of the accommodations in 4-star hotels, airport transfers, city transfers, our local guide, and all of the activities and meals listed on the itinerary. This price does not include flights, so you will have to buy that separately, along with your visa and travel insurance. I will be price-watching for the flights and keep you guys posted on how all of that goes!

Through the travel company (Trova Trip), you’ll need to put 25% down to secure your spot. The rest just needs to be paid at least 60 days before the trip.

I know that this isn’t in everyone’s budget and I totally understand that. I do think it’s a good price point for what’s included. Plus, it’s all already planned for you! I have many destinations I want to visit, but booking all of the hotels, researching activities, and figuring it all out can take months of planning. With this, you just kinda show up and go along for the ride! I’ll take it!

How Do I Book?

You can head to this link right here and it will walk you through the entire process to reserve your spot! You’ll get $100 off if you book quickly, so I wouldn’t skimp on that. Also, remember you just have to put the 25% down now and can pay for the rest in 2023.

Let’s Do This, Friends!

So what do you say…Italy in Spring 2023?! I, for one, am very excited to celebrate this milestone with this amazing community!

If you have any questions, here’s a link to some FAQs through Trova Trip. If your question isn’t answered there, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected].


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