Our Makeshift Linen Closet

I dream of someday living in a home where I have a walk-in pantry with baskets of neatly packed snacks. Or perhaps a basement wet bar where we can throw lavish parties. Or how about a large linen closet with all of my sheets & towels perfectly folded and tucked away in an organized row?

Ohhhh how a girl can dream.

Our current place certainly doesn’t reflect these lavish dreams, but hey I’m not complaining. Instead I want to show you how we’re making due with the space that we do have!

When we first looked at this unit, one thing we noticed was the lack of a linen closet. Not a deal breaker by any means, but not exactly the best setup for a girl with too many toiletries and an affinity for fluffy towels. But we did have a weird little nook, that really had no function at all. Augusta corner Before

A strange little cutout of wall that was just begging to be used! So I decided to use this space to create a makeshift linen closet. Ikea Dresser Hallway Augusta

You guys remember back when I gave this Ikea dresser a mini facelift with new hardware & corner brackets? If not, here’s the post detailing those super simple changes.

Silver Corner Brackets

By luck, this dresser fits perfectly in that small area of wall. It doesn’t jut out too far and interrupt the flow of traffic, and the tall height keeps it from looking too dinky. Ikea Dresser Linen closet

Not only does this dresser fit in this space, but it is chock full of storage. Medicine Boxes

Inside these drawers we have our organized medicine boxes that corral all kinds of bathroom products.

Handles and Brackets on DresserWhite Towels

We also keep all of our extra towels stashed away in here. It’s nice because it’s right across from the guest bathroom, so I always have fresh towels on hand for any guests who need them. Blue Accessories on Dresser

And I can’t complain about having another surface in our home to style. Right now I have a few blue accessories, but I’m sure this area will be changing on the reg. Linen Closet Tall Ikea Dresser

So there you have it, our own version of a linen closet. Just goes to show that when you love the home you have, you can make just about anything work!


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