My Best Tips for Kitchen Styling

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When I revealed our kitchen almost two years ago, I was in such a rush to get those before and after photos out into the world. I never really slowed down to show you guys how I brought those finishing touches together. And, for me, that’s my absolute favorite part. A space can be new and renovated, but it’s the styling and decor that really makes it feel homey, cozy, and finished.

Kitchen Styling Tips

My best tips for kitchen styling

Today, I want to share my top kitchen styling tips. Our kitchen is the most used room in our home and it sees a lot of action with our family of four.

My best kitchen styling tips

And even though we have two little ones, our kitchen still stays looking really good. Sure, I have pretty styled areas, but I also have a lot of functional and beautiful items that make it a working kitchen.

Keep Your Countertops Clear

my best kitchen styling tips

First, I recommend only keeping the essentials out on your countertops. Many people have too much stuff on their counters, so much so that I wrote an entire design mistake post dedicated to the topic. Take a walk around your kitchen and figure out what actually needs to be out for everyday use.

Our appliance garage

We keep our toaster in a cabinet, and our bottle maker and coffee maker are both housed in our appliance garage. This definitely helps to make things look less cluttered and messy.

My go-to countertop cleaner

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, I recommend taking everything off of your counters, cleaning them (this is my go-to countertop cleaner for quartz), and then slowly adding back only the items that you actually need.

Choose Functional AND Stylish Pieces

Adding functional and cute items to your kitchen

As for what I do keep out, I try to choose pieces that work double duty. They look pretty when out on display, but we actually use them too. Here are a few examples…

Hiding treats in our canisters

These canisters (similar) hide special treats. The larger one holds candy and the smaller one holds the hydration packets we reach for each morning.

On my shelves, I have this little plant mister. I spritz my kitchen plants regularly and they look so good. I also have a canister for olive oil. It’s pretty and functional.

Corral With a Cutting Board

Corral your items with a cutting board

Be sure to group the items that do stay out on your countertops. I like doing that with a basket or cutting board. They create a little zone for the smaller stuff. Here we have a canister for wood spoons, a spoon rest, and a salt and pepper shaker. All of these are functional items that we use each day and the countertop looks less messy because all of these items are grouped together.

I also love layering cutting boards on the back of a countertop, especially if you don’t love your backsplash. In our kitchen, I like showing off our pretty quartz, but when we were renters, I used to layer in a few large cutting boards to make a statement.

Make a Fruit Basket

A basket for fruit

We’re big fruit eaters in our house and I find that if it’s out on the countertop it gets eaten a lot faster! I’ve had various items to hold our fruit over the years (wood bowls, trays, etc.), but I recently found this cute wicker tray from Walmart and it’s the perfect size for all of our fruit.

Add Meaningful Decor

Add meaningful decor to your kitchen

Finally, add some meaningful items to your kitchen. I know I’ve shared this many times here on the blog, but I absolutely adore my framed recipe cards.

Frame a recipe card

One was written by my great-grandmother and the other by my grandmother. These recipe cards make for the most beautiful kitchen decor.

My Fave Kitchen Accessories

My favorite items for kitchen styling

Dishes (similar) // Gold Metal Tray // Linen Candle // Ceramic Planter // Blue Plates // Round Basket // Cutting Board Set // Plant Mister // Canisters (similar) // Olive Oil Dispenser // Gold Picture Frame // Striped Towels // Wood Spoon Rest // Salt and Pepper Shakers // Marble Kitchen Canister

Home Goods from Walmart

While finding these new kitchen goodies, I also stumbled upon lots of other great home products from Walmart. Don’t sleep on the Walmart home section. I really liked perusing the new Dave and Jenny Marrs line that is exclusive to Walmart.

My favorite home finds from Walmart

Baskets (similar) // Leather Handle Basket // Jute Rug // Lantern // Dining Chairs // Rattan Lamp // Lumbar Pillow // Wood Folding Chair // Faux Olive Tree // Blue Lumbar Pillow // Arched Gold Mirror // Gray Pillow // Outdoor Loveseat (similar)

Kitchen Styling Makes a Difference

I want to show you some shots of our kitchen with and without these decor pieces. They make such a difference in the space. The kitchen feels a lot cozier with the pretty and functional items.

Our empty kitchen
My best kitchen styling tips
My best kitchen styling tips

I hope this post inspired you to give your kitchen styling a little TLC. My recommendation is to start fresh. Clear the counters, give everything a good wipe down, and then slowly start to add the things that you actually need and love.

P.S. Check out this post for all of my kitchen sources and the entire renovation process.


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