My Second Trimester Recap

I’m officially 28 weeks pregnant, which means my third trimester begins today. Wow. The time is really flying? I feel like it was slow-moving to get to my second-trimester and then once I got there…it flew on by! I’ve received lots of questions on Instagram stories about how things are going, how I’m feeling, what I’m craving, and I figured I would do a big Q&A to bring everyone up to speed on all things Baby Finn!

Second Trimester Q&AMy second trimester recap

It’s been a long time since we checked in on my pregnancy (I shared my first trimester Q&A right here) and a lot has changed since then. I’ve been growing, growing, growing and getting a lot accomplished on my Baby Finn to-do list. So let’s dive right in and discuss it all!

How are you feeling?My favorite maternity clothes

I am feeling amazing. Seriously, amazing. So good, that I often forget I’m even pregnant (until I look down at my growing body!). I am so grateful that I’ve experienced an easy pregnancy because I know that’s not the case for lots of women. My body still feels good, I’ve been sleeping wonderfully (like 9-10 hours a night!), and I haven’t thrown up once! Just lots of peeing. Lots of peeing.

How does it feel to have your body change so much?

It’s very, very bizarre. I’ve stayed within ten pounds of the same weight my entire adult life, so getting bigger and bigger is an odd feeling. I know many women love their pregnant bodies, but it is a little tough to step on the scale and have clothing not fit. I’m targeting to gain 25-35 lbs (that’s what my doctor recommends for me) and I use this weight gain calculator to make sure I’m staying on track each week. As long as I’m within my weekly weight, I don’t sweat it.How to install DIY built-in cabinets

It has also been difficult to remember that I can’t do all the same things I’m used to doing. I usually lift heavy items during projects, but I can’t (and shouldn’t) do that while pregnant. It’s been eyeopening to have to ask for help a lot when I’m used to being pretty independent around the house. But Finn has been awesome and because I am not doing nearly as much, he  is putting so much more on his plate.

What maternity items are you loving?

First, let’s chat about my absolute favorite item…this pregnancy pillow! Holy smokes, it’s been a life changer and I may never get rid of it. Yes, it’s gargantuan but it is so comfortable and I’ve been sleeping so well. I look forward to hopping into bed each night because of this thing. I’ve also been taking baths at night and using these pregnancy bath salts (they are supposed to help aching bodies).

I have lots of belly butters I use too. I usually use this one in the morning, this magnesium balm on my back when I’m sore, and this balm and this oil (that smells amazing!) when I want something that smells really good. So far, I have no stretch marks! I have a big list of all of my go-to pregnancy items over on my Amazon storefront if you ever need to find a recommendation quickly. My 2nd trimester recap

Now, let’s chat maternity clothes. As I mentioned in last month’s Break Room post, Finn and I went a little crazy at a Pea in the Pod going out of business sale. I’ve also picked up a few other items here and there. Here are some of the items I wear constantly…

For the most part, I find that I like to wear maternity jeans, my white or black maternity tank, and then a cardigan, button-down, or jacket over it. It’s nice to still be able to wear some of my regular clothes and I find that this look hides my big belly a bit better!

Are you working out?Working out during the second trimester

Yes, and it feels really good to move my body. I do the “Move Through Maternity” program through the Aaptiv app and I really like it because it features both cardio and weights.  I do a prenatal yoga class once a week that is so good for stretching. And then once a week I’m doing a dance class! I was a dancer my entire life and I was on my college dance team. I haven’t danced hardcore since college, but it’s such an amazing workout. I was nervous to go to this dance class because it’s made up of young women in their twenties and then there’s me –  the pregnant chick in the back. But it’s been awesome to learn choreography again and work up a sweat! I don’t think I can continue going for my entire pregnancy because it’s pretty intense, but I’ll definitely return when I get the greenlight postpartum.

What have you done to prep for baby?How I'm prepping for baby

Lots! In my first trimester recap, I chatted a bit about the document I created to stay on track. I’ve found that instead of making one huge to-do list that would be too overwhelming, I broke down what we have to get done month-by-month. A few of you asked me to share my document, but it’s got a lot of personal information on it, so instead, I’ll share some of the big things we’ve worked on during the first and second trimesters.

  • Create a Savings Plan for Baby
  • Sign Up for Prenatal Yoga Classes
  • Buy Maternity Clothes
  • Plan Baby Shower, Send Out Invites
  • Create a Baby Registry
  • Figure Out Childcare
  • Estate Planning & Will
  • Sign Up for Baby Classes at Hospital
  • Pediatrician Interviews
  • Order Breast Pump Through Insurance

We still have lots to do as we enter the third trimester, most notably finishing her nursery and getting all of her baby gear organized! We’re also taking lots of classes so we feel a bit more prepared (hospital tour, breastfeeding 101, newborn prep, and infant CPR).

Do you have a name for her?

Yes! We actually chose the name really early on but we won’t be revealing it until her arrival. Only Finn and I know the name and we talk to her, using her name, all the time when we’re at home. Now, I’m always worried we’re going to accidentally say her name in front of a family member or friend. We are still figuring out the middle name, so it will be a bit longer until the name is set.

What baby books have you read?Baby books I've read

I’ve actually been reading quite a bit. I asked for your book suggestions on Instagram and I was blown away by the number of titles you recommended (you can check out the comments of this post to read them all). Here are the ones I’ve read…

Have you thought about your philosophy on Baby Finn’s presence?

This is something that I think I’ll figure out as I go. I’m not going to hide her away from the world because that just isn’t realistic for us. You’ll see photos of her and hear about her life, but it’s not going to be Baby Finn overload with her picture on here every single day. That will be a work in progress as I figure out my style as a mom…

Any pregnancy pet peeves?My biggest pet peeves during pregnancy

I get a bit nervous about all of the unsolicited mom advice that has been and will be coming my way. For example, I shared the options I’m considering for window treatments in the nursery on Instagram and I received over 1,000 (no joke) messages about the right and wrong treatments for this space. Some women said there should be light in the room, others said it had to be blackout. It just showed me that every family and baby is different, and there is no “right” way to do anything! So people saying “do this or else” really irked me and really wasn’t helpful.Our second trimester recap

Another pet peeve is when people say ” you just wait” as they discuss the negative things that are coming our way. We’ll be tired, we won’t be sleeping, we won’t have time for date night, etc. We obviously know that this will be a huge life change, but it’s one we welcome with open arms! Every new parent will be tired and sleep-deprived, but focusing on that when talking to a pregnant person isn’t helpful. Instead, I urge everyone to focus on the positives and the joy that is about to come! Yes, our lives will be different, but we cannot wait for all of the big changes ahead.

When did you start to feel the baby kick?Choosing what to put on our baby registry

I have an anterior placenta where my placenta is located on the front (near my belly button) instead of my back. It’s not a problem and is totally safe for the baby. It just means that her kicks and punches are cushioned by my placenta. Many women feel those baby movements as early as 18 weeks, but mine started more around 22 weeks. At first, I didn’t know if it was just gas (haha, true story!), but I quickly realized it was our sweet girl moving around. Now, I absolutely looooove those baby flutters. They are the best part of my pregnancy, by far!

Is Finn getting excited about meeting his daughter?Figuring out a name for baby finn

He is so incredibly excited and it’s adorable. He talks to my belly every night and loves feeling her kicks! It’s been an amazing time in our marriage. Our last few years were filled with lots of sadness and now it’s the complete opposite. We’re always talking about her, what life will be like when she arrives, and just soaking up this time together before she gets here.

Do you still get nervous that something will go wrong?

Yes, and I wish that wasn’t my answer but it’s the truth. I still have lots of anxiety around this pregnancy and I think that’s fairly normal for most women who’ve experienced loss or have gone through infertility. Now that I can feel her moving around, I do feel a bit better but I’m still taking it week by week. I’m planning to write an entire blog post about pregnancy after loss as we get closer to her due date.

Bring it On Third Trimester!

We’re in the home stretch here, which is wild. I’ll plan to touch base near the end of my third trimester with another Q&A. You can submit your questions below.

Thanks for all of your support throughout this entire pregnancy. We cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl in the coming months!


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