Our New Hallway Board and Batten

A couple of weeks ago, we chatted about my big plans for our plain & boring hallway. To add some interest & function to an otherwise ho-hum space, I decided to add board and batten to the walls.

The before shot of our plain white hallway which needed some visual interest.

After perusing lots of sources for inspiration, I came up with a gameplan, bought the supplies, and patiently waited for our DIY day.

Using the saw to cut board for the hallway makeover.
Using a simple nail gun to install board and batten walls in the hallway.

Lucky for me, my bestie Bridget offered her help with this DIY project. And let me say…I couldn’t have done this one without her. We had so much fun together tackling the guest room wood wall, and we figured this project couldn’t be that bad after doing that one!

In all honesty, this project wasn’t HARD but there were a few CONFUSING moments where we needed to revert back to our high school geometry days. Who knew we’d actually put those skills to good use in adulthood? #mindblown

Using a protractor to make exact cuts. Putting that high school geometry to good use!

Because the wall is on a curve, we had to make a few angled cuts. We used an angle finder to figure out the angle of the wall and then did some math to calculate the measurement of the outside angle of the wall. Are you lost yet? Because we are!

Measuring the wall to get exactly the right angle for our cuts.

We wrote a very detailed step-by-step tutorial for this entire process and you can see it over on the Zillow blog. If you’re looking to tackle this project (or a similar one!), you’ll definitely want to check it out for all of our tips & tricks along the way.

GIF of the board and batten installation process.
Board and batten adds so much visual interest and impact to an otherwise plain hallway.

So enough with the steps…let me show you guys what it looks like now. 

Light, bright, & everything I wanted for our plain ol’ hallway!

Hooks installed on our board and batten hallway to hang up everything neatly.
Hooks were found from Schoolhouse Electric and add the perfect touch to the hallway.

I added these hooks from Schoolhouse Electric and I’m loving the black against the white…a very classy and timeless look if you ask me. 

Plus, I get to keep some of my essentials right out in the open.

Installing Board and batten was a super simple DIY project that's so functional!

I’m really happy we took a Saturday and made this project happen. If I didn’t add this, I’m sure I would have just put some artwork or frames up on the wall here. Which could have been nice, but not as custom as this look. Plus, because we already had a lot of the tools & supplies from our last wood wall project, it was surprisingly affordable to tackle this DIY.

Budget Breakdown

  • Wood = $60
  • Paint = $36
  • Hooks = $18 ($6 each)
  • Supplies = $0 (had most on-hand from previous projects)

TOTAL = $114.

The supplies for this board and batten hallway were very inexpensive. This is a great weekend project.

Not bad if I do say so myself. I would have spent at least that much (probably more!) if I tried to find some art for this space instead. Spending a little over $100 to add this to your space is well worth the time & money.

Money well spent on our board and batten installation.

Plus you just can’t beat a day spent hanging out with your bestie! Even if we did have to tackle some math equations, and we got wood shavings all over my living room (holy moley mess!), it was another awesome DIY day spent together. And those days are some of my absolute favorite.


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