How to Remember your Home’s Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors is a big part of the design process, that’s why we’ve devoted many blog posts to this topic…

But what happens AFTER you choose that perfect shade? How do you ensure that you’ll never, ever forget that gorgeous color you spent so much time selecting?Choosing the perfect paint color

Well , you’re in luck, because we have 4 ( yes FOUR!) easy ways to remember the paint colors in your home. Not only are these tricks super simple to do, but a majority of them are F-R-E-E.

How to Remember Paint Colors

Ways to organize your paint colors

We have a way to record important information in every single room in your home…

Write them on the inside of your switch plates

A method for those who may be in the process of painting a variety of rooms…

Write the color on the paint stirrer with the color

A trick for all of those paint swatch lovers out there…

Save the paint swatches on a keyring

And even a hack for our tech-savvy friends!

Tech saavy- take a photo

For the full breakdown on all 4 of these easy paint color hacks, go ahead and visit our dear friend Jen’s blog, iHeartOrganizing. We’re not the best when it comes to neatly organizing each drawer and cupboard in our homes, but paint is an organization project these DIY’ers can get behind.

Paint swatchtesBe sure to check out this post for the full step-by-step tutorial for these easy home hacks.

And now we want to know…how do you remember the many hues that adorn your home’s walls?! Any other fun tips & tricks for us? We’re all ears!


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