Personalized Doormat in 10 minutes!

(If you’re coming over from Beneath My Heart, welcome!! We are glad you’re here. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to team up with the talented Traci to bring you a quick & easy summer project! So let’s get right into it shall we?)

Yes, you read the title correctly — 10 minutes for today’s project!! If you have a plain doormat (you can pick one up for about $10), a permanent marker, some stencils, and ten minutes, YOU could totally recreate this look. Maybe for your own porch? Maybe for a new homeowner’s porch? Maybe for your neighbor’s next BBQ as a hostess gift? Heck, maybe just for fun? This personalized doormat is too darn easy not to try!Make your own personalized doormat with this super easy 10-minute tutorialRookie DIY-ers unite — we can do this!
All you need for this project is a plain doormat, a permanent marker and some stencilsSupplies

    • Doormat (I chose this Greek Key one from Home Depot for a little extra pizzaz)
    • Permanent Marker
    • Stencils (we used 6″ stencils, but any size could work depending on the design)

That’s it <– literally, so easy!

This green key doormat has the perfect space to add your own flairSo I went with a bordered door mat & an address, but any design could work for both the doormat or the stencils. We also made one for our WGN News Segment that said “The Finns”. Even though we spelled out Casey’s last name instead of numbers, it was just as easy to create. Plus, we used a plain doormat for hers and it looked great! You could literally write anything, which makes this project so versatile for ANY occasion. These simple number stencils and permanent marker

All you have to do is line up your stencils and trace away! As you can tell, I traced the number but ended up coloring in the spacing within the number. This gave the numbers a less “Varsity Font” look and more of a traditional look. And I am NOT joking when I say this ENTIRE project takes <10 minutes. If you are capable of tracing and coloring… you got this!! Heck, even the kids could jump in on this one. <– Back-to-School Teacher Gift anyone? #eek #shouldnthavewentthere #toosoon

The stencils are AWESOME because you don’t need to be artistic or even creative to make your letters/numbers look perfect. Literally perfect. I mean, who really LOVES the look of their own handwriting, especially on a large scale like this? The stencils totally solve this issue.

This personalized doormat is half finished, just a few more numbersThe best part about this personalized doormat is that it is weather resistant, so it should hold up to some serious rain + shoe stomping.

The finished personalized doormatTen minutes later, you have a door mat that looks professional and personal AND you saved a LOT of money. <– comparable doormats with a family’s name or address run up to $30 + Shipping! We’ll take those kind of savings any day!  This DIY project is the perfect personalized project to add a creative touch to your front porchDIY Personal Doormat Project - A Simple 10-Minute Project

So what do you say? You going to give this DIY a try? We hope you’ll carve out those 10 minutes to add a personal touch to your front door. Step By Step Personalized Doormat TutorialBridget Signature

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