A Gallery Wall in Bridget’s Bedroom

The master bedroom at the Longview Lodge used to look like this…
Nautical Room in Progress
The wood wall, stripes, hints of coral and port-hole-like mirror create a nautical feel that is perfect for this east-coast wanna be. I love that this room has a relaxing, stress-free, laid back feel… almost like the beach, without all of the annoying sand.
From the time we moved into this house, I was loving the progress of the master bedroom, but I always felt like it was missing a little something.
Gallery Wall Before
This wall, the wall that you look at as you enter the room, was just too plain. For the past few months, I’ve been pouring over the shelves of every department store, specialty store, discount store, thrift shop, and garage sale for the perfect piece to add some flavor to this boring beige. I just couldn’t find a piece that screamed… “Buy me, buy me!” Sooo… after some serious pinspiration, I decided to create a nautical inspired Gallery Wall centered around a DIY wood sign that I have created. (more details about the DIY sign later).
My mission: To find “stuff” to center around my rustic sign.
Gallery Wall stuff
I patiently started adding pieces to a pile that I referred to as the gallery wall’s “pile of potential.”  I knew I wanted my DIY wood sign to be the center of attention, but I kept my eyes out for additional nautical inspired stuff to the “Gallery”.
The biggest piece of advice I can offer is: be patient. I seriously wish we were able to hang the gallery wall months ago, but I didn’t want to rush the process and hang something that I wasn’t head-over-heels in L.O.V.E. with.
Literally, after months and months of adding to the pile of potential, I was confident that I was finally ready to hang.
Gallery Wall Layout

I laid out the pile of potential, rearranged the grouping several times, ditched some of the pieces and finally came up with a lay-out that I was happy with. There was no rhyme or reason for this lay-out, I just ended up liking it the best, so I ran with it… or in this case, “swam” with it. (Sorry, I had to)

Gallery Wall Layout
Each piece has its own meaning, and all together, create a look that I was so, so excited to finally add to the boring beige. And that’s exactly what we did!
Nautical Gallery Wall

Ta-da! Unfortunately, I don’t really have a play-by-play of our hanging process because there was no logical method. With a hammer, some nails, a pencil and a level, we hung each piece until they were all up. Our philosophy: Eyeball, hang, repeat.

 Easy Gallery Wall

I’m so glad I waited until I was completely happy with the layout before hanging the gallery. Rushing the process would have forced me to hang a piece that I wasn’t completely in love with, and I know I would have  regretted that every single time I looked at this masterpiece.

Nautical Bedroom

As far as I am concerned, this gallery wall is the perfect addition to our relaxing, nautical inspired bedroom. I feel like I have stepped into a beach cottage every time I cuddle up, and quickly realize it’s not a summer getaway every morning I hear my alarm ring at 6:00 am.

No vacation here, don’t let the lobster fool you.

Port Hole Mirror
Let’s check back at the dramatic before & after.

From boring beige…

easy nautical gallery wall
… to nautical gallery wall!
Check back next week as I give you the details behind each item up there. The “Chestnut meets Mayfield” sign is a DIY project, and the rest are local steals! Costs, store breakdowns, DIY details… I’ll dish it all next week.