Scenes from our Honeymoon

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw that Matt and I recently headed east to enjoy our honeymoon. Since we are both off on summer vacation (woo woo!), we thought this was the perfect time to sneak away and explore a part of the United States we’ve been wanting to see for awhile. I’ll spare you the play-by-play details but will leave you with some pictures from the trip. Our route went a little like this…

First stop: Cooperstown, NY
Talk about the perfect snapshot of how small town America looks & feels. Flags, ice cream shops, diners, beautiful views. Cooperstown’s Main St. is home to Baseball’s Hall of Fame and each and every aspect of this adorable town oozes America’s favorite pastime. If you’re like me and have a serious soft spot in your heart for old fashioned small towns — Cooperstown is a must. Or if you have a little one that lives and loves all things baseball — this is the place to be!

This vintage theatre advertises baseball souvenirs and ice cream.
This Cooperstown Diner in the heart of the town is quaint and cute with a blue door.
This baseball sign in Cooperstown is classic and vintage.
This sherbet ice cream cone is colorful and refreshing.
This baseball field in Cooperstown is clean with lots of seating space.

Second Stop: Bar Harbor, Maine & Acadia National Park
Rustic Maine meets gorgeous coast. Can life get any better? Envision fresh air, fresh lobster, and a fresh perspective on how amazing Maine really is. If you don’t believe me… ask Martha. Ms. Stewart owns a house just a few miles up the road from Bar Harbor. It’s that amazing.

These boats float in the beautiful blue water as the sun shines.
Check out this hotel lobby that had me at hello.
These built-in shelves are great for books and other decor pieces.
These accent throw pillows add pops of color to the built-in bench.
This living room space is white and full of light.
This pier has a place to get fresh lobsters and other restaurants.
This beautiful water and blue sky compliment each other.
This lighthouse near the rocks and water create beautiful scenery.
This lobster menu offers options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
This sandy beach area is relaxing with green trees and blue water.
The boats in the blue water float next to the green trees.
This safety tub hung against the wooden pole is helpful.
This restaurant on the dock serves up fresh Maine lobsters.

Followed by Freeport, Maine
Best shopping ever. Period. L.L. Bean is not the only amazing shopping in this town. This flagship store is surrounded by some of my favorite stores… as OUTLETS! Chicago has some pretty awesome shopping, but this little town of outlet stores gave any local outlet mall I’ve been to a serious run for its money.

This L.L. Bean Inc. store has a huge statue of a boot in front.

Portland, Maine
Just a few miles south of Freeport, Portland was a blast! I’ve never seen a fisherman’s wharf before, so this experience was so much fun. The process of catching lobster fascinates me, so seeing all of the fishermen/equipment in action was extremely interesting. Beyond the wharf, Portland had some really cool local shopping (very hipster… in a good way), an amazing light house, and more delicious food.

The boats near the pier are great for fishing.
This large boat near the dock is great to use for fishing.
These containers are used for catching fresh seafood and fish.
This fence is full of locks.
This fresh Main lobster served with corn, lemons, and coleslaw is delicious.
This Portland restaurant serves up fresh lobster.
This tiny machine takes quarters to see the scenery.
The scenery of Portland, Maine is classic and relaxing.
The red brick on this Portland Co. looks great next to the tall green trees.

Grand Finale: Boston, Massachusetts 
Saving the best for last? I think so. Not that I want to play favorites, but wow. Boston has completely stolen my heart. What a charming city. We did a few tours, checked out some local “staples”, ate more great food, and toured Fenway Park. I can’t even begin to explain all of the cool-ness that this city has to offer. All I have to say is that you have to go! Trust me. It doesn’t have to be a long stay… just go!

This Cheers inspired bar in Boston is cute and fun.
This view of Boston features fresh purple flowers and the city's skyline.
This pop up t-shirt shop has Boston themed shirts.
This Red Sox stadium in Boston has red brick along with red and blue signs.
This area in Fenway Park is for ticket sales and will call.
These chairs in Fenway Park are blue and red.
This view of Fenway Park shows off the blue and red stadium seats.
These green monster seats at Fenway Park are fun and unique.
A honeymoon stop at Boston's Fenway Park is a fun place for newlyweds.

Other than the fact that we seriously failed at getting a quality picture TOGETHER, I’d chalk this trip up as a huge success! We are so grateful for the opportunity to spend time together while exploring some new places. The east coast is breathtaking. The food is phenomenal. The people could not have been more kind & welcoming throughout the entire trip. I mean, what else can you ask for in a vacation?!

 Any avid travelers tuning in? I’d love to hear where you’re headed this summer! We’re already brainstorming our next trip and need all the tips we can get. 

Pssttt…. wedding pictures being posted next Wednesday.

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