Wedding Registry: If We Could Do It All Over Again

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It’s safe to say that our newlywed days are behind us. Bridget is coming up on her 3rd wedding anniversary. And Finn & I will celebrate 2 years in October.

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It’s crazy to think that not too long ago, we were both consumed with bridal bouquets, seating arrangements, and our gift registries. All that planning really does feel like a lifetime ago for these 2 old married gals.

View More: we were recently brought back to our bridal days, when we found out that Wayfair (yes THAT Wayfair!) now has a wedding registry option on their website. So not only can you peruse our favorite online retailer for new headboards and rugs, but you can also register for all of your wedding gifts right online!Gray-Wedding-Invites

Neither of us had the best in-person registry experiences (more about Casey & Finn’s inefficient trip to the store in this post), so we absolutely love the idea that you can find everything you want for your new life together right online. Instead of fighting crowds, you can peruse for gifts while sitting on your couch binge-watching Netflix <— yeah we definitely would have preferred that a couple of years ago.

View More: more than 7 million (!) products to choose from, you really can find anything for your home to add to your Wayfair Registry. Plus, they offer free shipping to the happy couple, a 90-day return policy, white glove delivery on all large items, and a 10% discount on remaining items that weren’t purchased by your guests. Pretty awesome, right? Psst…make sure to read on to see how you can win a chance for $20,000 towards your dream wedding!

And if you’re worried about shopping for items online, read these tips to search for online decor and furniture.

Wedding Venue Details
Learning about this online option got us talking. What would we do differently if we had to register all over again? 

Even though we still use many of the items today, there are plenty of items that probably shouldn’t have ever been on our lists (looking at you martini glasses…). Before we get to the list of items we’d add to our “make-believe registry,” we’ve got some tips for those brides-to-be out there.

Tips for The Perfect Wedding Gift Registrywedding flowers

  1. Keep it Classic: Chances are your style at the very beginning of your marriage is not your “forever style”. From color to patterns and even what’s currently on-trend, your style is BOUND to change over the course of your marriage and it’s important to consider this when choosing registry items. (Heck, it’s only been 2-3 years and we already feel like our style has changed… give it another 10 years and we can’t even imagine how different it will be!). Choosing classic pieces instead of what’s on-trend at the time of your wedding will ensure that these classic pieces can always be used and loved.
  2. Choose Quality Pieces: Quality is key in collecting pieces that you will use for decades (literally!) to come, but usually quality pieces are a bit more expensive. We would encourage new brides to register for items that are higher quality… even if that means you won’t be receiving as many gifts. We would both rather have less quantity and more quality.
  3. Find Transitional Items: You want items that will be able to move with you as you transition from apartment, to condo, to home, etc. Choosing large furniture pieces that may only work for the space you’re currently in, may not be the best long-term plans. Instead invest in pieces that will be able to move with you throughout all of the exciting stages in your life together.
  4. When in Doubt…Choose White: Going back to #1, classic is key and to us white is the safe/classic choice. Plain white pieces may seem boring, but they’re very versatile and will adapt to your home’s style, regardless of how many times it changes.
  5. Keep your Lifestyle in Mind: Take a look at the way you and your husband-to-be spend your time together, and choose items that fit your current lifestyle. If neither of you are big bakers, it’s silly to register for 5 pie dishes and 3 cake stands. Instead choose items that represent your interests…not ones that you think you should register for.
  6. Take Inventory: You don’t need to register for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! If you have an item that’s great quality and that you really love, why add it the registry just to get something new? Take inventory of what you already have (and love!) so that you can skip items you don’t need.  Be sure to register for items that you may not already have and would really love/use.
  7. Remember…wine glasses break! Doubling up on this bar cart essential is a must. We’ve broken at least 5 or 6 glasses since getting married. And with a stock of wine glasses on hand just in case, there’s no reason to get your panties in a bunch when a glass gets broken. #itsboundtohappen

Our “Make-Believe” Registry Wish List


Robotic Vacuum // Grill // Set of Baskets // Set of Glass Jars // White Vases //  White Bath Towels // White Sheets // Tufted Headboard // Leaning Oversized Mirror // Cutting Board // Matching Set of Tupperware // Wine Glasses //  Champagne Glasses // French Press // Blender

We feel like all of the items on our wish list correspond with our registry tips. Lots of white, classic, transitional items that you would use for years to come! We’re trying to resist the urge to buy it all!

View More: before we wrap this post up, we’ve got some more exciting news for brides-to-be out there! To celebrate the launch of Registry, Wayfair is offering couples a chance to win $20,000 to put toward their big day! That could buy those turtle doves you’ve wanted, individual chocolate fountains for each guest, or perhaps the horse-drawn carriage you’re lusting after?

mayfair-registryTo enter, couples must sign-up for Wayfair Registry and add up to $1,000 worth of product to their registry (note: there is no purchase necessary!). You have until November 30th, 2016 to enter, so it’s time to start online shopping! More information on the registry sweepstakes can be found right here.


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