A navy headboard + neutral rug for the win!

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More bedroom updates! Like I mentioned last week, I was waiting on the arrival of our new bed and rug to take the next steps in our bedroom refresh. Both items arrived on my doorstep last week, and I’m super excited to share the latest updates.


Let me first say that I can’t believe I waited this long to finally splurge on a headboard and bed frame. I feel like it makes our room look so much more “grown-up” and put together. When I look back at our pictures of this space before the “refresh”, I can’t believe we went so long without one. Check it out…

bedroom master

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind not having one for the three years we lived without it, but now that I see what our bed looks like with a headboard and a bed frame, I can’t imagine going back! I ended up going for this navy headboard from Wayfair. (Update: It looks like my exact headboard is currently sold out, but here’s one that looks JUST like it). I bought Maggie’s headboard from Wayfair last year (as a new homeowner gift). She really liked it and I really liked the quality, so I was ready to take the plunge for my own. I know it’s a bit outside of my comfort zone to go so bold with a large piece of furniture, but I was ready to try something new (and all of the color options were so fun). Plus the navy seemed like a good design compromise for a space that needs to reflect both Matt’s style and my style. He TOTALLY approves and even helped me put together the whole frame and install the headboard right after it arrived. (P.S. It was actually easier than we anticipated. We did the whole thing in about an hour.)Way more grown up looking, right? The headboard came with side “wings” but in this small, casual space the sides of the headboard seemed a little too rich looking. We ended up ditching those wings to make the space feel more open and relaxed, but I’m going to keep them around just in case we want to add them in a future space. You never know, right?
The next big staple was a bigger and more neutral rug. Like I mentioned in the planning post, we didn’t splurge on the right sized rug when we first moved in (rookie mistake) because I felt like we were bleeding money and didn’t think the expense of a large rug was worth it at the time. Fast forward 3 years, and we were ready to get a larger rug for this space… one that was a bit more cushy and versatile than our last one. This 8×10 jute rug from Wayfair covers a lot more of the room and makes the space feel so much warmer and more cozy.
Even Matt, who never really comments on the decor, said, “wow, I love this rug! It makes the room feel so different!”  without me even asking <— I’ll take that as a HUGE compliment!

Side note: I’ve bought jute rugs in the past, but have found that some shed their fibers all over the house, which really bothers me. This one hasn’t shed yet and for that I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a jute rug without the shedding mess. 


The other addition to the room are the new gold lamps I scored on sale at Target recently. Adding a few hints of gold was on my original “wish list” and these $24 lamps seemed like a fun, affordable way to do just that……especially since they match the hint of gold finish in the gallery wall without feeling like the room is too matchy-matchy. The accessories I added were ones I already had around the house. I didn’t want to buy anything new without seeing how different the space looked with the headboard and rug. Now that I see the overall “look” of the room, I have a better idea of what I should keep my eyes open for. Similar situation with the pillows as well. I stuck with all neutral pillows for now, but I’m not sure if this exact look will stick. You know we’re all about the whites, grays, and blues around here so when I got the bold navy headboard, I wasn’t sure how many other colors I wanted to incorporate right from the start. Baby steps. Our room has definitely come A LONG way during this mini refresh. Although there are still items on the bedroom to-do list, I’m super excited to slow down the pace and let the rest of it come together a bit more naturally.


Here’s what’s left on the bedroom to-do list:

  • Find something to hang above the bed (I’m thinking something round, maybe a mirror like Casey’s. I’m struggling a tad because my ceilings aren’t as high as hers and my window is closer to my bed than hers is. Any ideas or suggestions?)
  • Change the light fixture (long-term idea… maybe incorporate more gold or a more natural look. I’m not in a rush just keeping my eyes peeled for options that inspire me). 
  • DIY a bench for the end of the bed (Summer project or thrift sale find? Has anyone seen a cute DIY bench in the blogosphere? I have to look into some inspiration and get to work when I have more time and the weather is nicer so I can work out in the garage)
  • Add a plant/accessories
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