The Best Sports Bras for Breastfeeding Moms

I’ve been breastfeeding Rory for about four months now and that means my chest has grown quite a bit! Once the doctor gave me the all-clear to start working out (about six weeks postpartum), I started to incorporate light activity and exercise into the mix. But it wasn’t until about a month ago that I started to add more high-intensity workouts into my routine, including running. Boy, oh boy, let’s just say that first run realllllly hurt the girls. I mean, whoa baby! Here I was huffing and puffing because I hadn’t run in so long, but all I could think about was stopping the bouncing to give my breasts a rest!Best sports bras for breastfeeding

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If you’re a breastfeeding mama or just a large-chested woman, I bet you’ve experienced this! In fact, I know many of you have because when I discussed it on Instagram I was flooded with responses from women in the exact same boat. One of my favorite things about Instagram stories is the ability to get advice from thousands of women. I ended up asking for recommendations for the best sports bra for a larger chest and I received hundreds of great recommendations. I knew I would be throwing this bra on for a good workout and then washing it immediately, so it didn’t matter to me if the recommendation was for a nursing/pumping friendly bra or a regular one. I ended up getting recommendations for both, which was wonderful.  The best sports bras for breastfeeding moms

I thought it might be helpful to compile all of those sports bra recs into a single blog post AND I even have a review of one of them that I’ve been using for the past few weeks.

Best Sports Bras for Breastfeeding and/or Large-Chested Women

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

I received quite a few recommendations for this bra. You can wear the straps 2 ways (H-back or X-back) and it also has a front zipper. This bra looks like it will really hold the girls in!

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$24 Syrokan High Impact Bra

At just $24, this was by far the most budget-friendly sports bra of the bunch and whoa did I get a lot of recommendations for it. I actually ended up buying it and I share my honest thoughts below!

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Senita Nursing Sports Bra

Here’s another nursing friendly option as the flaps open easily for feeds. It even has a pocket on the back that perfectly fits a phone (great for running!).

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Athleta Advance Bra

Athleta is another athletic brand that I adore. Their products are always incredibly soft! This bra comes in gorgeous colors and I love that the straps are adjustable.

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Ingrid & Isabel Maternity & Postpartum Bra

I purchased a lot of items from Ingrid & Isabel for my pregnancy. It was pretty much my go-to workout and athleisure brand during those 9 months. It’s great that this sports bra works for both pregnancy and postpartum/nursing. Plus, it’s super cute!

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My New $24 Sports BraMy new sports bra

Now, let’s chat about one of the most budget-friendly options on the list…this $24 sports bra from Amazon. I received so many messages about this bra that I figured I had to try it out. In fact, here’s the one review from a reader that really sealed the deal for me…

“Seriously I run every single day and do high impact workouts and my boobs DO NOT MOVE! It’s very comfortable for a sports bra, super sturdy, and only $24! Lasts with wash and wear like crazy. It’s literally the sports bra to end ALL SPORTS BRAS!”Best sports bras for large-chested women

I told her that that was the most glowing review of a bra ever! I bought it immediately in white (they didn’t have my size in black), and I’ve been using it for every single run. It’s true, the girls do not move! In fact, it’s crazy how I don’t even think about my chest when running. I’ve found that if I pump right before I go and I wear this bra, then I am good to go! It’s nice because it has two clasps in the back and it comes in cup sizes. I ended up going up a cup and a band size from my regular pre-pregnancy bra size. It’s snug, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be!The best sports bras for large-chested women

I highly recommend this bra, especially for a $24 investment. I also just bought this Panache bra from Athleta during their recent sale. I’ve only used it for one run, but it held the girls in nice and tight. So that’s another one that might be a good fit. Sports bras for breastfeeding moms

Now, I would love to know…which bras am I missing? Are there any sports bras for breastfeeding or larger-chested women that didn’t make the list? Share your favorites in the comments below!


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