How to Install a High-Tech Faucet in your Kitchen

Do you guys remember back when Casey installed an Ikea faucet in her new kitchen? It’s one of the only plumbing projects we’ve tackled on the blog, and we were so proud that we didn’t flood her entire kitchen! Plus, there were no emergency calls to the plumber. #success

Well now it’s Bridget’s turn for a new faucet. old_faucet_DIY_bridget

Her old faucet had a broken handle for ONE YEAR….yes, she lived with no handle for a year. That crazy girl. We finally decided to install a new one in her kitchen, and boy did we choose a cool one.


It’s one of those faucets with a sensor that automatically shuts on and off just by touching it with your hand. #fancyoutput_0dcPs1

We wrote a post over on Zillow’s blog, complete with a full step-by-step tutorial. Be sure to go see her new faucet, and see our install from start to finish. If you’re thinking about adding a new kitchen faucet to your home, you’re definitely going to want to give this a read.

And for the record, we’d probably both prefer to spend our time in the kitchen installing faucets…rather than cooking. Sad but true! #plumbersintraining


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