The Break Room No. 21

The break room no. 1Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about April 2021.

My Recent Buys

  • I was looking for some new comfy shoes to wear this spring and summer and my mom ended up getting me these Allbirds for my birthday in the “Dapple Grey” color. Wow, so freakin’ cozy. She swears by hers, and wears them constantly, so I knew that they would be comfy. I now want to get a slip-on pair too.
  • I recently swapped out my winter/summer clothes and it inspired me to add a few new pieces to my warm-weather wardrobe. I ended up getting a few dresses from LOFT on super sale including this black one, this pink one, and this palm print.Rory outside in the sun
  • It’s been sunny and pretty warm here in Chicago (hooray!) and Rory and I have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. I ended up stocking up on some new sunscreen for the season because I’m terrified of her pale skin ever seeing the sun! I got this spray and this stick for both me and Rory and I wear this cc cream daily to protect my face.

Finn’s FavoritesRory and Finn at the park

  • These are the best no-show socks on the market for the really low-cut feel. They are very thin and lightweight; they have strong backing on the heel; and a they are a tremendous brand.
  • Rory is a little scared of our grass, which is pretty adorable, and the sticks and pine needles hurt her little hands, so we got this massive picnic blanket. It will get use all summer long!
  • Lululemon finally delivered an everyday polo that is on par with their other items. It has an incredible lightweight feel but it works in any setting. Lulu is one of my fave brands for men…can’t go wrong with their stuff.
  • Every year I struggle to find the right shorts for spring & summer but I finally found them. These shorts have a good stretch and are high-quality.
  • This may look silly, but every DIY’er and homeowner needs to own this headlamp to help fix everyday problems. We all know holding a flashlight in your teeth is just the worst. I’ve actually used this at least three times since it arrived earlier this month.

The Click List

Finn Family Updates – April 2021april 2021 - rory's birthday and baptism

By far the biggest highlight of April 2021 was Rory’s first birthday and baptism extravaganza! We decided to have both celebrations on the same day and it was the most wonderful celebration.

April 2021 Rory's baptism

We had originally planned to have Rory baptized when she was a newborn, but with COVID, we just never felt comfortable. Now that we’re both fully vaccinated, along with our families, we finally felt safe getting together for her Christening. Rory wore a baptismal gown that has been in my family for 70 years – I wore it when I was a baby, as did my mom – and we were so nervous about it fitting since she is, by far, the oldest and biggest baby to wear it. We had to snip the sleeves a bit to get her chubby arms in, but it ended up working out beautifully. Oh, and Finn even found these sparkly shoes and headband to add a little something extra to the outfit.

I actually wore the same dress that I wore for Rory’s baby shower a year ago. (It’s old from Target, so no longer available.) It’s a non-maternity dress and I always loved the colors, so figured it would work again. It’s funny, now that I’m a mom, I was much more concerned about Rory’s outfit than my own. It was kinda the last thought on my mind…Rory's baptism

The ceremony was short, sweet, and oh-so-special. It was just our little group in the church with the priest and it was a beautiful moment for our family. How to decorate for your stawberry themed first birthday party

Then, we headed home to our house for brunch, cake, and presents. Rory loves strawberries, so we decided to go with a strawberry theme for the day. We made a little balloon arch  and hung it over our Frame TV. (I found this kit on Amazon and we used this air pump to blow them all up.) I also created a custom graphic for the party on Canva and it really added a sweet touch.Strawberry banner from EtsyRory's monthly photos

In the living room, I bought this monthly strawberry banner from this Etsy shop to showcase her monthly photos. I also displayed her baby book that I just finished (yay! best feeling getting that photo project done!) Those little touches were easy additions that added a little something extra!Rory's strawberry themed cake

We kept the strawberry theme going with her smash cake from Alliance Bakery, the same bakery that made our wedding cake. Rory eating her smash cakeRory was a little hesitant at first, but then dove in and happily ate a lot!Special day for our baby girl april 2021 Rory's baptism and birthdayAll in all, it was a day to remember and we are so happy we got to celebrate these milestones for our sweet girl.


The Year of Casey

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