The Break Room No. 8

The break room no. 1 May 2019

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about December 2019. Okay, well I know December isn’t quite over…but this is our last chance to chat informally before I sign off for 2019.

My Recent Buys

  • Rejoice…Madewell sells maternity jeans! I’ve been wearing these black ones nonstop and need to scoop up a few more pairs. Any other maternity pants you guys love? I’m all ears. Dr doug's miracle balm
  • Last spring, I started to get dermatitis on my chin. My dermatologist said it was from using too many skincare products (eek!) and he put me on a strict regimen of using only Cerave, sunscreen, and a topical prescription to clear it up. It worked, but once I got pregnant, my dermatitis came back with a vengeance. I went back to the derm and he sadly said there was nothing he could prescribe me that would be safe to use during pregnancy (ughhhh). I’ve been putting Dr. Doug’s miracle balm on a few times a day (because my skin is soooo dry and sometimes peeling on my chin). It feels so good, keeps me moisturized, and I think it has gotten significantly better. It truly is an awesome product to combat dry winter skin. I keep a little one in my purse to smear on the bridge of my nose. (P.S. You can get 20% off with code DIYPLAYBOOK until 12/21)
  • I picked up a few of these matte black candles during the holiday sales and my entire house smells amazing.gray velvet curtains in the bedroom
  • It’s not time to work on my master bedroom just yet, but I recently added these velvet curtains and they make the entire room feel so much cozier. I used this set of inexpensive black rods and I’m digging the new look (plus, the curtains are blackout and it makes sleeping even better!).Our neutral couch from Crate and Barrel
  • This may seem lame, but I’m secretly in love with my new fabric defuzzer. We had a blanket that shed all over our couch and left little gray pills on it (they drove me insane). I used this bad boy and the blanket looks brand new again. I’ve used it on sweaters and pants too. Amazing.
  • With more guests staying over this month, we ordered this air mattress and it’s great! It blows up quick and easy and is super comfy.

The Click List

Finn Family Updates – December 2019

I know we’re only about halfway through the month, but it has already been jampacked with lots of activity!Cookie Day 2019

First, we had our annual cookie day two weeks ago (I chatted more about it in this blog post). It’s a day I always look forward to. It is a time to bake cookies, catch up with loved ones, and spend some time having fun amidst the chaos of the season. We had an awesome crowd this year and baked so many cookies!zoo lights 2019

While my mom’s tradition is cookie day, my dad’s tradition is Holiday Lights at the Brookfield Zoo. They have lots of light displays, a carousel, fun activities for the kids, and, of course, the animals. My niece and nephew love it and I can’t wait until next year when we can bring our daughter.

You may have seen on Instagram stories already, but we got a new car! We have needed a new one for quite some time and we finally pulled the trigger on a 2017 Acura RDX. We knew we wanted an SUV, with lots of room for our growing family and Finn spent the last six months doing research on tons of models. This one was the winner in the end and we absolutely love it. It’s so handy to have so much room for all of our tools and DIY supplies. We should have done this a long time ago. I’m planning to have Finn write a comprehensive blog post for January to discuss why he went with this car and the other ones he considered along the way.Jan and Casey laughing

Finally, my mom had hip replacement surgery last week and we’ve been nursing her back to health. She has lived such an active life and was a runner for decades. For years, she tried so many things to make it feel better but, ultimately, the doctor said a new hip was the only way to relieve the pain. I’m excited about her bright future running around with the grandkids and I’m happy that we are all nearby to help take care of her!My 2019 Christmas Home Tour

I have two more blog posts planned for the remainder of the week and then I’ll be taking a break until 2020. Tomorrow, be sure to come back for a look at 2019 in review (whoa, what a year of change!!) and Friday, I have a reader survey for you guys to help me plan out the content you want to see in the new year.



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