The Perfect Hostess Gift for a Summer BBQ

I can’t believe 4th of July is already tomorrow! As a kid, I remember thinking that once 4th of July came and went…it was almost time to think about heading back to school. Oh how I miss those summer days before the “real world.”
But enough with the nostalgia…let’s talk about my love for summer as an adult. To me, there’s nothing more fun than heading out to a laid-back BBQ for good food, drinks, and company. Sitting outside, enjoying a warm summer night…it just doesn’t get better than that! We have a few barbecues on our summer schedule, and I wanted to come up with a thoughtful gift that I can bring each time for the host or hostess.
That’s where this super simple DIY comes into play.
Gift for a Summer BBQ | DIY Playbook
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’m no chef. I’m usually way too intimidated to whip up a new recipe and bring it as a gift for a dinner party or BBQ. This gift may involve a recipe, but lucky for me there is no actual cooking involved.
Gift for a Summer BBQ | DIY Playbook
I simply purchased a clear glass pitcher, some adorable checkered napkins, as well as all of the fix-ins for fresh lemonade.  Bring the entire setup over to your next BBQ and I promise your hostess is going to love it. She can either whip up some fresh lemonade for the party right on the spot, you could offer to make it yourself in the kitchen, or you can just leave it with her knowing that she can whip up a refreshing glass after all of the guests leave.
Gift for a Summer BBQ: Apply the checkered napkin | DIY Playbook

Everyone can always use a couple new cute napkins…

Gift for a Summer BBQ: add the card | DIY Playbook

…and who doesn’t love a simple glass pitcher?  This gift is so very useful for the hostess with the mostess.

Gift for a Summer BBQ: add the card | DIY Playbook
Gift for a Summer BBQ: Inside is the recipe | DIY Playbook
I tucked a thank you note into the pitcher, and inside you’ll find the recipe for fresh squeezed lemonade.
Gift for a Summer BBQ: it's a bag of sugar | DIY Playbook
Don’t forget the best part about lemonade…the sugary goodness! Simply tie up your pre-measured sugar in a baggie and secure with a colorful ribbon. Then drop it into the pitcher along with the fresh lemons.
Gift for a Summer BBQ: This makes the perfect gift | DIY Playbook
Gift for a Summer BBQ: It makes a perfect gift | DIY Playbook
And that’s it…you’re all done with this citrusy twist on a classic party gift.  It will take you less than 10 minutes to create this unique and thoughtful hostess gift. So that means less time prepping for the party, and more time partying!
You’ve still got plenty of time to create this bad boy before any holiday BBQs this weekend. Perhaps some red, white, & blue napkins to give it a patriotic twist? Happy (soon to be) 4th of July!


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