The Pop Shop

Is it just me or is this random space above my refrigerator super awkward? Some people have fabulously functional cabinets above their fridge, me…. not so much.
Is there an awkward empty space above your fridge? Learn how to fill it with something cute and functional!

The solution to getting rid of this awkwardness: I wasn’t exactly sure. All I knew is that I had to add  something… anything really.

I'm using these vintage soda crates I found at a flea market as decoration and storage space.

That’s when I stumbled upon these vintage crates @ the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, Illinois. For ten bucks each, I couldn’t pass them up. Plus, they seemed fitting. Pepsi +  Pop Shop + Refrigerator = some type of relation, maybe… a little?

I'm stacking these vintage soda creates in my Above The Fridge Storage Area for some height and added color.

I stacked ’em up and added some budget friendly accessories I had laying around the house.

My Above The Fridge Storage Area needed some accessorizing! So here's a silverware carrier, some goodwill bottles and a cake topper I thrifted, and some soda pop from Jewel!
Above The Fridge Storage Area: The finished look! What an improvement with the addition of my vintage soda crates and added accessories.

When I put it all together, I was happy to say goodbye to the awkward space and hello to our new and improved “Pop Shop”.

Here it is - "The Pop Shop" Above my fridge. Goodby awkward space, hello fun decor!
Twenty bucks later, I was happy with the new look and even happier that this space filler didn’t break the bank.
Here's the pop shop above the fridge from another angle. Still looking way better than the empty space!
Cheers to less awkwardness…
Don't the vintage items look good with the rest of the kitchen! I love the above the fridge storage area now.
…and a brand new Pop Shop!


How do you decorate above your refrigerator? Any other tips or tricks I may be missing?

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