Tomorrow I Marry My Best Friend…

Tomorrow is the big day! Yep, I get to walk down the aisle toward the man of my dreams and say “I do!”

I consider you guys to be my friends, and it has been so wonderful sharing our engagement and the wedding planning process with each and every one of you. From the Engagement Photos, to the Save The Dates, to our Wedding Invitations, Bachelorette Trip, and Wedding Shower…you guys have seen it all here on the blog. But today I wanted to share what many of you have not seen here on The DIY Playbook. A little glimpse into our past as a couple…

prom2005It all started the summer before my Junior year of high school. I had heard about a “cute guy” named Finn, but hadn’t really officially met this “cool Senior.” So in order to meet this mystery man, I decided to throw a back to school party while my parents were conveniently out of town (don’t worry, they later found out about this little shindig).

I didn’t know if the “cool Senior” would make it to my bash, but he eventually came strolling in. Was I looking for a boyfriend? Absolutely not. But I did need a date to Homecoming and why not get this cutie to ask me to the dance? Lucky for me, my plan worked.

2005c&mHomecoming2004Turns out Finn was more than just a “cute guy.” He was smart, kind, compassionate, and determined. But best of all, he made me feel like I was the most special girl in the world. He was far more than just a date to the dance, he was my new best friend.

1923296_528164237527_1183_n1923636_536148367267_9034_n1923296_528164172657_7199_nOur love and friendship grew over the next 6 years, until we were both college graduates looking to start our careers. I thought that this might be when things would really change. I was heading to a small town in Wisconsin for a new job, and I doubted Finn would want to make the trek up north with me. But, I was wrong…he was coming with me.  We didn’t know what would happen, but we did know that if we were together it would all be okay.

13-IMG_0148We moved from Wisconsin to St. Louis, and while living there Finn popped the question I had been waiting 8 years to answer. IMG_5383_2We’ve now spent the past 22 months prepping for our wedding day. It’s been a long, leisurely engagement and we’ve loved every second of it. Together we’ve worked to create a day that truly represents us as a couple, and I can hardly believe that day is finally here. View More: More: tomorrow I will officially become Mrs. Casey Finn. It’s been a heck of a decade with my high school sweetheart, but I know the best is yet to come…


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