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Our master bedroom makeover is moving along quite nicely. So far I’ve…

But I knew there was a big purchase that I still needed to make to really transform this space…a headboard! For some reason I’ve always viewed headboards as the ultimate feature of any “grown-up” bedroom. Like you’ve really made it to adulthood when your bed has a nice, luxurious headboard. So weird, I know…but definitely something I’ve always thought about. So in order to really take this master bedroom makeover to the next, more mature, level it was time for me to find a headboard.

Now, I feel like a total DIY cop-out because I definitely should have made my own tufted headboard. I’ve seen plenty of tutorials out there, and they always turn out so good that you’d never know it’s not store-bought. In fact, a DIY headboard has been on my to-do list for a really long time now. But to be perfectly honest, I wanted a quick solution so I could finish up this space and move onto other projects. Plus with my list of wedding tasks growing each day, I didn’t want to add one more thing to our honey-do list.

My solution? Online shopping (is there any other way?!)

Master-BedroomI found this gray, tufted, and upholstered headboard at Lowe’s. Yes, you heard me right. This high-end looking, luxurious piece of furniture was purchased from the hardware store! If you think they only sell screws and lightbulbs, you’re wrong my friend. Online you can find some gorgeous furniture and home accessories right on Lowe’s website.

Bedroom-Headboard-001This is the exact one I purchased. It was a bit pricey for this frugal gal, but I figured it’s a piece we’ll have for a very long time. Plus all we had to do was install the side wings and then attach the entire piece to our existing bed frame. You can also purchase the entire upholstered bed frame, but I decided to save our pennies and stick with just the headboard. Tufted-Headboard-Close-upThe color is a little lighter than what I expected, but it actually works really well in the space. The linen fabric is high quality, and I’m in love with the buttons they used to tuft it.Button-Tufted-Headboard

I wasn’t 100% sure about the wingbacks at first, but they’re definitely growing on me. I didn’t want it to feel like we’re caged in when we sleep, but so far no claustrophobia for these two sleepers.

New-Gray-Headboard-White-BeddingIt adds so much warmth to the space, and makes the bed seem much more complete. Plus, now our pillows don’t fall into the crack behind the bed anymore. That’s a definite plus for me!

I think it really works well with what we already have in the room, and it’s definitely a classic, neutral piece that would go with just about any bedding. And we all know I have a weakness for the color gray…

Reading-on-bedSo do we feel grown-up now? Actually – yes! I know it sounds weird, but I feel like instead of wasting our night in front of the TV, we’re now opting to rest our backs against the comfy headboard and read before bedtime. To me, it doesn’t get any more grown-up than that. Who knew a headboard was the missing piece of the puzzle for our bedtime routine?

Need-something-over-bedNow that the headboard is installed and in place, I can finally add an accessory to the wall above our bed.

Tune in tomorrow to see what I found. Hint hint…it definitely adds a bit of shiny glamour to our master bedroom retreat…

casey_sigSo what’s your take on headboards? Love ’em or hate ’em?Right-side-of-bed

Here’s the final product! Come read about the finishing touches right here.

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