12 Cheap  (or Free!) Ways To Upgrade Your Home

I have found you can make small changes, here and there, to add some variety and update your space. Here are 12 of my ideas to inspire you.

Shop Your Home

For this, there is no need to spend any money; instead, just go room by room and move things around.

Use A Tray

A good tray just might be my favorite home decor accessory. I probably have one in every single room. I love them because you can corral smaller items together to create a statement.

Rearrange Furniture

This is one that I don’t do nearly enough…rearrange furniture! Pull your couch a bit off the wall, move a side table from here to there, and try that accent chair in your living room.

Paint A Room

I truly believe in the power of paint. Often, you only need one gallon (roughly $45) to paint a room, and it can transform the way a room feels and looks.

Clip Outdoor Branches

Now that fall is here, I love gathering pretty branches from outside to display in vases around our house.

Sell Something

Whenever I’m starting a new room makeover, I sell the items that I no longer need for the space.

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