My Favorite Fall Home Projects + Recipes

Fall is my favorite season of them all and I always feel invigorated and excited to tackle some home projects. This year, things are a tad different as we now have a newborn to look after. So, unfortunately, fall home projects have taken a backseat to other more important things.

12 Fall Home Projects

My favorite fall home projects

But just because I’m not whipping up any new fall content, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a plethora of posts from the past with lots of great ideas for you to devour! Today, I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite fall home projects from the last eight and a half years of blogging…from recipes, to home tours, Halloween ideas, and more!

How to Make a Fall Candle Holder In 2 Minutes

How to create a fall candle holder one of my favorite fall home projects

This project is a favorite of mine because it takes about 30 seconds to complete. I’m all about buying new candles for the new season (loving this one right now) and I especially love all of the great fall scents out there. However, sometimes the labels aren’t the cutest and it can be a pain in the butt to remove the labels and the gross stickiness. My solution? Take an old sock, preferably a textured one, cut it, and create a cozy sleeve for your candle! This hides the sticker, adds texture, and creates a comfy look for your home decor.

The Dos & Don’ts for Fall Decorating

Buffalo check doormat with layered monogrammed rug

This post acts like a rookie mistake guide for all things fall decorating. I’m not the biggest fan of people plastering the words “Harvest”, “Blessed”, and “It’s Fall Y’all” all around their homes. Instead, there are so many other great ways to incorporate the warmth and comfort of the new season into your everyday decor. Take a look and see if you’re making any design faux pas and get some decor ideas for your own home.

Pumpkin Bars & Our Fall Bucket List

Pecan pumpkin bars recipe

You guys know I’m not a big cook or baker, for that matter, but there are some dishes that I make every single year. These pumpkin bars are one of them. Every fall, I kick off the season by making this delicious seasonal dessert. They taste like autumn (if the season had its own taste), and every time I eat them I’m instantly in the fall spirit! The recipe is quick and easy and the dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Oh, and I even shared our Fall Bucket List in that same post too.

Fall Stovetop Potpourri with Cinnamon & Apples

how to make fall stovetop potpourri with cinnamon and apples

Want your entire house to smell like the fall season? Try this stovetop potpourri! It’s like bottling up the feeling of fall and spreading the scent throughout your entire home. You can simmer this all day or put in your crockpot, on low, to create enticing aromas all day long.

How to Make a Letterboard Pumpkin

How to make a letterboard pumpkin one of my favorite fall home projects

Want to create a custom sign for your fall front porch? Why not do it on a pumpkin?! I take a craft pumpkin (that lives forever…no rotting!) and show you how to create a personalized message for your fall decor. This is a quick craft project and I love that you can completely customize it. I think I need to buy a big pumpkin and write “The Finn Family” on it. That could work year after year…

Create a Pumpkin Wine Cooler

Here’s another fun craft pumpkin idea. If you’re having a Halloween party, pumpkin carving get-together, or even just a fall game watch, then this is a great idea for your beverages. Take a craft pumpkin, cut off the top, and fill it with ice for a cute way to display your wine and drinks. You could use a real pumpkin too, but I love that you can use this one over and over.

Tips to Create a Cute Fall Front Porch

My suede jacket

The first fall in our new house, I went ALL OUT on our front porch. I think I was just so damn excited to have a front porch to actually decorate. I bought alllll the mums and pumpkins I could find and went to town. I need to recreate this look, but it’s just not gonna happen this year. So I hope that you take my tips and go for it at your house!

Loaded Cookie Bars Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Loaded cookie bars using leftover halloween candy

In no way is this a healthy recipe, but c’mon it’s Halloween! That sugar rush from the candy comes only once a year, so you might as well live it up. This is a great recipe to use up a nice chunk of that leftover Halloween candy! And who doesn’t love a mix of cookies, brownies, and candy all in one dessert? Heck yes!

Fall Home Tour of Our Old Condo

Living room area with white built-ins

If you’re a newer blog reader, then you might not have been here when we lived in our condo! It was the cutest little space and we absolutely adored it. Here it is all decorated for the fall season. I loved how just a few small swaps would make the entire place feel different and cozy.

Our Small (Yet Super Cozy) Fall Balcony

Spending time on our patio

Here’s another peek at our old condo. We had the tiniest little balcony, but that didn’t prevent us from making the most of it! We spent soooo much time out here during the summer and fall and I shared my best tips to transform your outdoor space for the new season in this blog post.

Adding Small Touches of Fall with Decor Tweaks

Adding small touches of fall decor throughout your home

By now, you’ve probably realized that I’m all about making small tweaks around your home to welcome in a new season. This blog post gives a few concrete ideas for easy swaps you can make in an afternoon around your home to “fall-ify” it!

Our Fall Video 2020

Finally, here’s a look at last year’s fall season, via our seasonal video! It was our first fall with Rory and we had so much fun with her, playing in the leaves, dressing her up as a pumpkin, and enjoying days outside as a new family of three. (It’s crazy looking back at how itty bitty she was!) I am hoping I can create another fall video this year to share soon.

Happy Fall, Friends!

Wishing you all a wonderful fall season. Grab your hot cider, put on a sweater, and go outside and enjoy these crisp days. Oh, and be sure to tackle a few of these easy fall home projects. I promise, they will get you in the spirit of the season!


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