B’s Fall Staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Last week Casey dished the glamorous detailsCasey dished the glamorous details on how she and I “braved” the 95-degree weather to shoot our fall staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Today, I’m here to share my photos in hopes you can look past the sweat to find some inspiration for your fall wardrobe. Or at least breathe new life into some of the staple pieces you already own.

fall wardrobe staples from the nordstrom anniversary sale

 Cardigan // Jeans // Similar Tee // Sunglasses

I bought a few staples at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which has me extra excited for the cooler temps ahead. And for me, fall means I’m back at work, so I made sure to add some work to weekend fashion staples into my cart. But I’m never really a fan of buying items that I can only wear at work, so most of the pieces that aren’t traditional workwear can still be worn to work. I’m all about making sure I get the most bang for my buck on these deals!

3 Looks Using Fall Staples

work to weekend fall wardrobe staples

Look #1: Casual Fall

casual fall look with jeans and cardigan Cardigan // Jeans // Similar Tee // Sunglasses // Shoes

This first outfit screams fall to me, especially in the 95-degree weather (ha!). It’s so warm and cozy, I know I will get a ton of use out of it when the cooler temps takeover. work to weekend wear with jeans and cardigan

Let’s first chat about one of my favorite items from the sale, this waffle cardigan. I’m obsessed because it feels like you’re wearing a blanket, with deep pockets and adorable buttons. If I don’t wear a cardigan to work, I always bring one and keep it at my desk because I’m always cold. This one will be perfect because I know it will match with just about anything in my closet.

Now let’s chat about these jeans! Casey talked about these last week, but I can’t help but gush about them a little more because they’re just so good. I LOVEEEEEE the extra high-waist because it literally sucks everything in. Real talk… why were low-rise jeans ever in style?! I hope the high-rise waist is here to stay because these are so comfortable. You never have to worry about that muffin top peaking out. #winning

The buttons are also adorable and make this pair fun because I can tuck in blouses and show off the buttons or keep them untucked. I definitely plan on wearing these on Fridays to work (my fav!) and on the weekends. Having high-waisted pants are also key for work because I’m often on the floor helping groups of kids. Making sure I’m FULLY covered while leaning, bending, and crawling around is essential and these jeans check that box.

Look #2: Work to Weekend Fashion

Ponte pants are the perfect work to weekend fashion
Blouse // Ponte Pants // Similar Wedges

Okay, please tell me I’m not the only one that has never heard of “ponte” pants“. According to Casey, Ponte pants are skinny fit pants that are made with a double-knit fabric, which makes them firmer and more durable than the average legging. In English, Ponte pants are like yoga pants for work. Ummm… where do I sign up and most importantly, why has it taken me so long to learn about these dream work pants?!

I scored this pair at such a great price at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and now want to buy ALL THE PONTE pants. Haha, but seriously. This pair has an elastic waist that goes up, almost to the belly button. Like the jeans, I’m all about the high-waisted dress pants for the reasons I already chatted about. And the fabric on these ponte pants is exactly like the definition describes, durable quality that makes you feel like you’re wearing leggings…. but with a lot more support.

Bottom line ladies, if you haven’t heard or tried of Ponte pants, go give them a try! Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing leggings but look like they’re office-ready?!

formal collar for fall work wearAnd now let’s talk about this collared blouse. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a total sucker for a collar, especially a peter pan collar like this one.

black and white fall staples for work
Blouse // Ponte Pants // Similar Wedges // Sunglasses

The minute I tried this lightweight blouse on, I was sold because it’s “so me”. I’ll get a ton of use out of it at work and can easily transition it to the weekend, maybe by pairing it with ripped jeans and a leather jacket? And I always like to have a blouse with a good collar in my closet because I then often wear it under sweaters for a layered look. With this trick, I can wear the same blouse twice in a week and no one even notices!

Look #3: Athleisure

athleisure fall staplesPullover // Yoga Pants // Similar Gymshoes //Sunglasses

Okay, how many of you are thinking, “you wear that to work?!”. I don’t blame you, and the answer is NO. I do not wear yoga pants to work, but I do get to dress down on Fridays. Unfortunately, dressing down still doesn’t mean yoga pants in the classroom, but I will wear a pullover like this Patagonia one on occasion, especially when it’s cold.

patagonia pullover for the fall

I like a pullover, over say a hoodie, because it feels a bit more pulled together, yet it’s still comfy and casual. Usually, I’ll pair something like this one with jeans and TOMS wedges.athleisure wear for the fall with patangonia

But I also live in athleisure when it’s the weekend, especially in the fall. That’s why I ended up splurging on the pullover because I know I can get double-duty use out of it. And speaking of athleisure, these pants are on sale at Old Navy and are SO good for the price! Is it just me or does Old Navy have some great athleisure stuff for really good prices?fall patagonia pullover with pockets

Plus, I feel like Patagonia rarely goes on sale so I was excited to add this staple to my fall wardrobe.

I hope I helped show you how I’m all about finding pieces in my wardrobe that will work double-duty as much as possible. Or if nothing else, I hope my fellow ponte pant rookies are more informed. Because let’s be real here, that snippet of knowledge is by far the most important part of this post. Who isn’t on Team “let’s figure out a way to wear leggings to work”?!


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