How To Hide a Propane Tank from a Patio’s Fire Pit

When I decided on this fire pit, I was under the impression that the propane tank that fueled it would hide underneath it. Honestly, I did wonder how that would happen because the firepit is so sleek and low to the ground, but I just assumed that there was a magic solution I was overlooking.

hiding a propane tank on a patioWell, the fire pit arrived and it is GORGEOUS. I love the color, the shape, the size… all of it! But when I went to hook up the propane tank so we could have our first fire, I quickly realized that a traditional propane tank could NOT fit under the firepit. I was shocked because I had never heard of this!

Plan B

The firepit came with a hose that needed to connect to a propane tank, which would need to sit somewhere outside of the firepit. I was so bummed about the news and still convinced there was a way to hide it in the firepit. But trust me, I did lots of research and had no luck.

a sleek modern fire pit and propane tankHow the heck was I going to hide the hose and the propane tank on my patio?! I’ve seen others hide a propane tank brilliantly by digging up the dirt or gravel the firepit sat on, like in this backyard makeover, but have never seen a solution for a brick paved patio like ours.

But I loved the firepit too much to give up on it.  And that’s where today’s tutorial was born.easy tutorial on how to hide a fire pit's propane tank

How To Hide a Propane Tank

I saw this propane cover (that secretly looks like a table) and knew it was the answer to my propane problems.

easy steps to hide a fire pit's propane tank Cutting an outdoor rug to hide a propane tankAfter it arrived, the process of hiding the hose and tank probably took less than 15 minutes. I simply cut a hole in the outdoor rug, right where the firepit sits.

hiding a propane tank on a patio with an outdoor rugThen I fished the hose through that hole and under the outdoor rug to the place where I wanted to the propane tank to eventually sit.

cutting an outdoor rug for a propane hoseAfter that, I cut another hole under the propane tank and fished the hose back up above the rug.

setting up a propane stand for a propane tableThe table came with this little stand for the propane tank, so I continued to fish the hose up through the stand as well.

hiding an old propane tank on a patio

Then I set the propane tank on the stand and tightened it.

hooking up a propane tank to hide it

I hooked up the hose to the tank, which took no time at all.

A tutorial on how to hide a propane tank that comes from your patio's fire pit

Then all that was left to do was turn on the propane and set the propane cover on top of the propane tank.

Hidden In Plain Sight

hiding a modern fire pit propane tank in plain sight

I’m so happy to report that hiding your fire pit’s propane tank on a brick patio is THAT easy!

You honestly can’t really see the hose because of the rug but you can feel it when you step. I don’t anticipate a lot of traffic through this sitting area but I will definitely let my guests know just to be extra safe.

If you’re looking at a fire pit that you LOVE but are concerned about the propane placement, I am here to let you know that there IS a way to hide the tank! And the best part is that these propane “tables” come in several different colors/styles. And I also learned that some of the fire pits actually come with them (like this gorgeous set!), which is definitely something you should keep your eyes peeled for if you’re going to buy one in a similar style. Totally worth it!


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