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I feel like every post I’ve done this month has started with an intro about how much I love this season. So let’s just skip right over that and get to the good stuff…our fall patio!How to create a fall patio

I’ve actually never decorated our small city balcony for the fall and I’m so happy that I finally took the time to transition this space (you can see it decked out for summertime here). Our patio gets nonstop sun all day long, so it can get a bit hot back here in the summer. But in the fall…it’s absolute perfection and Finn and I always end up spending lots of time here.

In years past, we’ve just ripped out our flowers (because they’re usually pretty dead by September) and live with it pretty bare. This year I did a few simple changes to get this space ready for my favorite season…

How to Transition to a Fall PatioSipping wine on a fall patio in Chicago

Plant Some MumsPlanting mums in flower boxes

Over the summer, our 2 flower boxes were overflowing with ivy and wave petunias. I love how well they do, but honestly, they got to be a bit overwhelming! I was constantly deadheading and the flowers were spilling onto our balcony. Transitioning a balcony for the fall seasonFinn and I were eager to replace them with a few small mums plants and I love the burst of color that it adds to this space. 

We also got a larger multi-colored mum for our big pot. I’ve never had great luck with keeping mums looking full and healthy, so if you have any tips I’m all ears!A small red mums plantI also scattered a couple small mums around the deck on our coffee table and near the lanterns. I picked them up from the grocery store and the bright color makes me happy!

Layer in Pillows & Cozy BlanketsUse pillows to cozy up your fall patio

No fall patio is complete without some cozy pillows and blankets! If you remember my summer setup, I had large palm print pillows out here to bring in lots of green. For the fall, I decided to bring in some plaid black and white pillows, a few warm toned pillows, and a large chunky blanket.An outdoor couch with pillows

The black and white pillows are outdoor ones, but everything else is for indoor use. I simply bring them inside at the end of the night when Finn and I are done hanging out back here. As for the cushions and outdoor pillows, I keep them covered under a large couch cover that I put on when there is rain in the forecast. So far everything has stayed pristine this summer. Adding plants and blankets to a fall patio

The black and white checkered pillows came as a two pack and I found them on eBay! Back when I purchased my vacuum (which I’m still obsessed with btw), I was getting into the fall spirit and I perused online for a few fall accessories. I happened upon these pillows and the large chunky knit throw! Here are a few of my favorite pillows and blankets that I found on there…

Ever since I navigated the site when looking for a vacuum, I’ve gotten into a groove to find the best stuff on eBay. I always select the “New”, “Buy It Now”, and “Free Shipping” features on the left sidebar, and depending on when I want the items I’ll also change up the guaranteed delivery date. 81% of the product sold on eBay is actually new and available with the “Buy It Now” feature and a majority of the items ship for free! black and white checkered pillows on an outdoor sofa

I simply searched for “plaid pillows” on eBay and found these black and white ones. I then found the blanket by searching for “knit throw blanket”. 

The throw is just about the coziest thing ever and I love the little fluff balls on the end. It adds texture to my fall patio, but more importantly…I actually use this to cozy up when the sun starts to set! Looks like the one I purchased is no longer available, but I’m loving this one, this one, and they even sell those super chunky knit blankets too (those look so comfortable!). Use a fall scarf to add pattern to a chair or sofa

Here’s a FREE tip…use a fall scarf as a throw! Bridget and I always decorate with large plaid scarves on our sofas for the fall months. It adds the perfect pattern and color, without having to spend tons of money on new home decor accessories.

Pumpkins Are a MustA coffee table with a tray, candle, and mini pumpkin

I’m not the biggest fan of the color orange (I know, I know…), so I decided to go with all white pumpkins this year. I actually got all of these at the grocery store for a steal, along with some mini ones for the coffee table and the inside too.A city balcony makes the perfect fall patio

I think they pair well with the red and maroon colors going on back here. I rarely decorate with reds, but this fall I’m really into these deep warm colors. The color palette screams “autumn” to me and it makes for a very warm and inviting environment.

Set the Mood

A fall patio in the eveningFinally, I have to show you guys this space at night! That’s my favorite time to enjoy our fall patio. As you guys know, I absolutely adore our string lights and they’ve been going out here for over 3 years now. Use string light to set the mood on a fall patio

I also added a few new lanterns back here too and put some battery operated candles in them. I purchased outdoor candles and have them set to go on from 5pm-10pm each night. They add the perfect soft glow to this space. Light candles on your patio to keep bugs away and set the mood

On top of the coffee table, I found a wicker tray and I always light a large citronella candle to keep the bugs away. No bugs + a soft flickering glow = the perfect fall evening. Finn enjoying wine on the patio

I’m looking forward to more fun evenings spent on our fall patio with this guy. There’s nothing like sitting back here after a long day of work and catching up with Finn. Finn staring at me

And this is his face that says, “Please put down the camera and come to sit and drink wine with me.” Hahaha, don’t worry, I obliged after a few more clicks.


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