13 Basic DIY Skills Every Homeowner Should Know

One of the things that I love about DIY is that every project comes with a new set of challenges and I’m constantly learning. My DIY journey will never be complete and I still feel like a DIY beginner when doing some projects.

Paint A Wall

Painting is one of those basic DIY skills that will come in handy many times throughout your life. With the right tools, a good amount of prep work, and some time, you can paint just about anything in your home!

Use A Caulk Gun

Perhaps you’re noticing gaps around your window trim or on your baseboards. Or your bathtub caulk is looking a little mildewy. You’re going to want to know how to fix it with new caulk.

Use The Correct Hardware

I’m often inundated with questions about choosing the correct hardware.  How do you know when you need an anchor versus a nail? Which anchor is best for my walls? 

I'm Sharing 10 More Basic DIY Skills Every Homeowner Should Know


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