Everything you Need to Know on Buying a Rug

Rugs are vital when it comes to making a room feel comfortable, layered, and homey. I’m here to answer ALL of your questions. After reading, you’ll feel more confident when buying a rug.

The Right Rug for You

Think about the look and the function of your rug. Is it a high traffic area? Will there be spills? Does it need to be soft?

Should I Buy Online?

Always read reviews and check to see if they’ve posted photos, and only order from places with easy return policies.

What About Vintage Rugs?

While I have lots of vintage-inspired rugs that are new, I really appreciate the beauty of a vintage rug that was hand-knotted and meant to last forever!

What About Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs make a space feel more cohesive. When buying outdoor rugs, I try not to spend too much money because they typically only last one season for me.

Can I Layer Over Carpet?

Yes! Absolutely. If you hate your carpet, the best thing is to place a rug on top. Rugs make a room feel cozier, so feel free to use them.

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