Holiday Decorating on a Budget!

You don't have to break the bank to get a beautiful and festive space. With a few key purchases, some creativity, and styling, you can add the magical touch to your home for the holidays!

Color Scheme

First choose a color scheme. I chose gold, silver, and red. This red merry sign brings a pop of bold color!

Buy Key Pieces

Pick a few key pieces and display those. I hit up Marshalls and found all the little things I needed in one trip! Like these little metal reindeer.

Keep Some Everyday Decor

Holiday décor is something that you can invest in each season. Pick up a few pieces that you like and make them work with the décor you already have.

Decorate Your Mantle

On the mantle, we obviously need stockings. I added some greenery and fake presents as well. Fake presents are perfect for budget holiday décor!

Sprinkle Ornaments

Simple ball ornaments can bring some glam to your shelves! You can pick up a large pack of ball ornaments from the craft store, and add those throughout!

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