7 Tips to Style a Holiday Entry

Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, it’s time to really get into the holiday spirit around here. Over the weekend, I finished up my holiday decorating and I’m so in love with how cozy our new home is feeling during this holiday season. Next week, I’m planning to show you a full Christmas home tour, but today let’s just focus on our holiday entry.7 tips to style your holiday entry for christmas

I wanted to really make this space look good because it’s the area you see as soon as you walk through the door of our home. While our front porch is decorated for Christmas, I wanted the first thing you see inside to be festive too! Because I’m starting from scratch with our holiday decor, I had to pick up a few new things for this space and a few others I had on hand!

Video – Creating a Holiday Entry

First, take a look at this quick little 1-minute video I created showcasing how I transformed this space. It’s fun to see how each additional piece of decor contributes to the overall look. I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed creating it!

If you can’t view it above, you can watch it over on my Youtube channel here.

Tips to Style Your Holiday Entry

7 tips to style a holiday entry

Now, let’s break down those tips from the video into more detail.

#1 Use Decorative BoxesTips to style a holiday entry

These slim shelves are always a bit tricky to style because you don’t have much height to work with. This plaid decorative box (on the bottom left) worked out perfectly to add some pattern and color to the area. I found it at Marshall’s and it’s really just a box for cards or you could even use it for a gift. I’ve seen them at HomeGoods, Target, Michaels…all over the place. It is an inexpensive way to add some color, especially if you have short shelves like these!

#2 Use Stockings in Unexpected PlacesUse stockings in unexpected places in your holiday entry

We don’t have a traditional fireplace mantle, so I had to be creative with our stockings. I love them here because they add some color and layering to the wood console. I went with these brass stocking holders (so classic) and these colorful stockings with our names on them. I also have these knit stockings that I placed on our stair railing (can’t wait for you to see!). So, if you don’t have a fireplace mantle, or you have multiple stockings, feel free to display them wherever you need a festive touch!

#3 Decorate with Wrapped GiftsUse wrapped gifts as decor

I always match my wrapping paper to my holiday decor. Always! It’s just such an easy way to make your Christmas decorations look more cohesive and thoughtful. I even wrap empty boxes to use just as decor (and not under the tree!). I used to place them on my built-ins (you can check them out in last year’s home tour), but this year I’m scattering them in baskets, on shelves, and near furniture pieces (like this console).

Here’s the wrapping paper I ended up using for my “Traditional Christmas” look this year (this pack looks good too). I paired it with satin bows in red, green, and navy. I always have regular kraft wrapping paper on hand too for gifts. That way if I have a special ribbon I want to use, it will really pop off the package!

#4 Group Small Decor in ThreesGroup holiday decor in threes

This rule really applies when decorating anything…not just a holiday entry! I loved these little trees that I found at Hobby Lobby and clustered them together to create more of an impact. One of these trees alone would look too random and out of place. But, put it with two other trees of different colors and heights, and it works! Always remember that odd numbers work best when it comes to decorating.

#5 Fill a Bowl with OrnamentsFill a bowl with ornaments in your holiday entry

I use this “trick” every single year! Take a vessel of any kind and fill it with ornaments. Boom, you’ve got yourself a festive little display. This year, I opted to use a champagne bucket (yep, that’s my beloved champagne bucket that I haven’t been using for months. haha!) and I filled it with red, gold, and blue ornaments. I also have this large wood dough bowl that I filled with ornaments over near our TV setup. I adore this simple touch and encourage you to do the same in your home!

#6 Wreaths Aren’t Just for Your Front DoorDisplay a wreath over your console in your holiday entry

Of course, I love displaying a wreath on my front door, but wreaths work well inside too! This wreath was actually one of the only things we salvaged from our storage unit flood (it was on the very tippy-top of all of the boxes). If you remember last year’s look, I had it over our bed in our master bedroom and it looked amazing. In this house, I knew it would look great in our holiday entry. Hang a wreath using a command hook

I simply used a command hook to attach it to the wall. I tied some plaid ribbon around the wreath, made a pretty bow, and hung it right up there. When the holidays are over, I can remove the command hook without marking up the wall. Way better than using a nail!

#7 Greenery is Key!Add greenery to your holiday entry

When in doubt, add some greenery! I had tons of luck finding greenery at Hobby Lobby this year. Wow, their selection was insane. Because I wanted it to look as natural as possible, I opted for greenery without any “extras” for this spot. I may get some of these battery-powered twinkle lights to stick in there, but we’ll see! If you have a spot in your home that needs a little extra something, consider adding more greenery. I also like to buy it in small bundles so I can place it around everyday decor so it looks a bit more festive.

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Our holiday entry

Console // Lamp // Wrapping Paper // Stockings // Stocking Holders // Trees (similar) // Wreath // Plaid Ribbon // Ornaments // Greenery (similar) // Command Hooks

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?  I would love to hear if your home is looking festive…


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