Our 2019 Holiday Wish Lists

As an adult, it feels a little weird to put a wish list together. Finn and I typically save and buy items for ourselves if we really really want them, but our family members are always asking what we want for Christmas. Instead of saying, “Oh, I don’t need anything” or “Whatever you think”, we try to make it a little easier on them and offer some specific gift ideas. It’s a win-win for everyone. They have an easier time shopping and we get items we actually want and need.Our 2019 holiday wish lists

But I always have to sit down and really think about what I want to put on my list. What do I need? What would be something nice that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself? Those are the items that we both try to put on our 2019 holiday wish lists.

I figured I would share my Christmas list, but I also asked Finn to share his if you’re still looking for gifts for the men in your life.

Casey’s Wish ListCasey's holiday wish list

So this pregnancy is making my Christmas list a little different this year because I really can’t buy any clothing. But for Finn, that’s pretty much all he ever wants for the holidays! I thought about putting some baby items on my Christmas list, but I will have a baby shower in the spring and I still have a lot of research I need to do for that! So these are items that are just for me.

Marc Jacobs Perfume

A few years back, I used the Sephora sampler to figure out my “signature scent.” Essentially they give you a wide variety of small bottles (they even offer a clean sampler kit) and once you find your fave, you give them a certificate for a large bottle. This Marc Jacobs perfume ended up being my favorite scent and I just ran out of my original bottle and need some more!

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Cuyana Crossbody Bag

I know, I know…soon I’ll only be wearing a diaper bag out the door. But I still want a nice crossbody bag and I’ve always coveted this one from Cuyana. It comes in other colors, but I’m really digging this caramel color.

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Unique Art

Our walls are still pretty bare around here because I’m trying to be very intentional about what I display in our home. I recently learned about Artfully Walls and their gorgeous art and frames. I love this gorgeous impressionist piece with the chunky gold leaf frame. I may have to ask for a few pieces of art for Christmas…

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The Story of You

I know I said no baby items, but this is definitely one I do want. I love the simple elegance of this “Story of You” baby book. Plus, I’m hopeful that I would actually fill it out and keep up with it (because I doubt I would be able to if starting from scratch with a scrapbook!).

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Apple iPhone 11

So this is actually a gift I already bought myself. I guess I can consider it a work “holiday bonus”…haha. The camera on the new iPhone is absolutely incredible and since I’m pretty much taking pictures all day long for my job, it made sense to splurge on this for myself!

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Gold Hoops

Fun story: Finn recently asked to “borrow” an earring because he was working on setting something up with our electronics and needed a small thin poker. I gave him my beloved gold hoop. He returned it an hour later all mangled up. Eek. I’m hoping he can replace them with these beauties this Christmas!

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Apple Watch Band

I get tons of compliments on my brown leather watch band (it’s the best!). But I would love to change things up with this gold one for a bolder look.

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Butter Socks

I’ve heard people rave about these socks and I officially want to get some! I work from home and I’m always bundled up in my slippers and a blanket. I think these would be worn quite often…

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Finn’s Wish List

Finn's 2019 holiday wish lists

I am always focused on getting new high quality and versatile items. This time of year, I am also searching for things that help keep me warm and comfortable (Chicago Winters are brutal!). As you can see below, I like to stay well-fed and hydrated too.

Cole Haan Boots

Great choice for a casual boot because it feels like you’re wearing sneakers. Extremely comfortable and pair well with any jeans.

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Short-Sleeve Button Down

My favorite button-down brand of all time! This classic black look will be your go-to for any holiday party or night out, I guarantee it will be the most comfortable shirt you own.

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Pullover Fleece

As the temps dip and winter arrives, layers are important both inside and outside the house. This 3/4 zip fleece is so versatile and comfortable that I wear it almost every day.

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Kiehl’s Eye Cream

I love a lot of Kiehl’s products, but this is my number one recommended choice for men. It is easy to use, super effective, and helps you look and feel more refreshed in the morning.

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The Aviary Cocktail Book

The most beautiful book you will have on your coffee table, plus it teaches you how to make some of the world’s most iconic and challenging drinks. Seriously, check this thing out – it is stunning!

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Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches

For the bloody mary drinker who likes to also serve a little bacon and cheese with their drink – multi-tasking at its finest!

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Pizza Stone

Helps get a crispier crust on homemade pizza, plus I use it for leftovers in the oven. Take the extra few minutes to reheat them on this and it will taste like it was just delivered. Trust me!

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Whiskey Block Cubes

The best drinks are made to be cold (but not watered down) and I prefer one big ice cube over the steel rocks. Having these at home can really enhance the cocktail experience!

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Houndstooth Umbrella

You never know how badly you need an umbrella until it is too late, take my advice and grab this one now (comes in all colors and patterns.) This one has a fashionable houndstooth pattern and is masculine in design.

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Men’s Gloves

I have very cold hands and feet, so I am always looking for quality gloves in the Chicago winter. Leather ends up being the warmest choice for me, especially when it is lined with Merino wool like these are.

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And as always, be sure to check out our holiday gift guide for more shopping ideas!

All you need to do is press the OPEN button in the bottom right corner of the image above and the Gift Guide will appear as a full-screen, interactive guide. Then you can flip through the pages (just like a magazine!!) and when you click on the item you love, you will land on the exact website of this product so you can easily get all the details to pick it up later or buy it online right then and there. Or you simply click here and it will go to a new browser for you to shop there!


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