Bourbon Bottle Soap Dispenser

My dad deserves the best Father's Day gift, so I am making him a bourbon bottle soap dispenser.

Like most men, my dad is into “swill.”
Yep, we’re an Irish family and we definitely like to get our swill on.

Lately, my dad is digging bourbon whiskey. Single malt, single barrel…I don’t really know much about the stuff…but I do know that he loves it! So I thought it would only be fitting that his Father’s Day gift reflects his drink of choice. Consider this project a “DIY for a guy!”

How to Make an Alcohol Bottle Soap Dispenser

Your first step will be to actually find and purchase the perfect bottle. Finn and I ventured to a local alcohol mecca (this place is legit huuuuge!) to try and find a cool-looking bottle.

Our must-haves? Not too large. Glass. Cool Design. We knew we would be taking the label off because when it gets wet (which it will because it is a soap dispenser!) the colors could run and it would be a mess. So we wanted the glass to say the name of the alcohol, instead of just the label.

We found this Captain Morgan bottle for Finn’s bathroom (he wanted in on the DIY action too!)
This Captain Morgan Private Stock bottle will make for an amazing soap dispenser.

After you find the right bottle. Drink the entire contents in one sitting. Then break out the power tools.

To begin making your soap dispenser, empty the alcohol into another container and use Goo Gone to remove the label.

Kidding. Just want to make sure you guys are following along. (We simply poured the rum into a separate decanter that we will slowly drink)

Once you have a clean and empty bottle, use goo gone to peel the label off of the glass bottle.

This empty Captain Morgan bottle is ready to be turned into a soap dispenser.
Goo gone is like magic. That stuff works wonders!
The pump from this Target soap dispenser will be perfect for our bourbon bottle soap dispenser project!

I then had to find a soap pump that fit the bottle. After doing some research, I concluded that many pumps are similar in size. I decided to go with this one, simply because it was on sale at Target and I liked the dark, shiny color.

In order to get the pump to stay in the bottle, you’ll need to use a cork.

I went with the cork that came with the original Captain bottle.

Use a knife to cut the cork off in order to get the pump to work on the bourbon bottle soap dispenser.

I chopped off the pretty wood top.

Drilling a hole through the cork will allow it to fit with the pump for the soap dispenser.

And then drilled a large hole through the cork until it fit the pump.

The cork fits on soap pump.

It took a little finagling to get it on there, but it ended up working out just fine. Our guest bathroom now has enough soap to last a lifetime #seriouslythatthingishuge

Our finished bourbon bottle soap dispenser looks fantastic in our bathroom!

I ended up using the purple soap dispenser (with no top) as a vase. Win, win! The swords and text that reads “Captain Morgan” is very subtle on the glass. Which I really like! Way better than booze right in your face! Just a touch of manliness right?

Bourbon Bottle Soap Dispenser

While the rum bottle went into our own guest bathroom…I made a bourbon whiskey bottle for my dad.
This bourbon bottle soap dispenser was easy to make and is a great gift.
Now I think this bottle is really cool!
A bourbon bottle soap dispenser makes for a unique gift!
I especially love how it says “bourbon whiskey” right on the front.  This unique soap dispenser makes a pretty awesome Father’s Day gift if I do say so myself!
Give a homemade bourbon bottle soap dispenser as Father's Day gift.
A green bow was all this gift needed.
Dad gets an awesome bourbon bottle soap dispenser as a Father's Day gift!


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