10 Things You Don’t Know About Our Husbands

We’ve both been married a couple of years now and although we talk about our hubbies here and there, we rarely talk about our marriages. And recently we were chatting with each other and asked ourselves, why don’t we?! Why don’t we talk about how lucky we are to have these amazingly supportive men in our lives more often? I mean heck, without their support The DIY Playbook would not be what it is today.

Our answer? We just aren’t that great at chatting about our own lives.

Getting RealMatt_finn

Even though we post every single day and let anyone on the internet see our homes, we are actually a bit reserved when it comes to chatting about ourselves in “real life”. We’re quick to answer a question about our life and quickly turn the conversation to focus on the person we are talking to. And if someone pays us a compliment, we are both quick to play it down and immediately flip the conversation back to it being all about them.

We don’t try to be private, we just feel uncomfortable receiving praise or sometimes even talking about our own lives because we never want to seem “braggy”. This is a skill we’re trying to get better at actually. Being humble is a great quality but accepting praise and letting others in, even if that means speaking positively about your own life, is important!finn-casey-patio-balcony

But since you guys have been overwhelmingly supportive, engaged, and just all around AMAZING about our recent body truths and fitness goals, we want to continue to keep it real and baby step into chatting a little bit more about ourselves, including our marriages.bridget-matt

We are DEFINITELY not experts and neither of us have perfect marriages (who does, right?!) but we are so grateful of what we do have — amazing husbands who are hands down our biggest fans, loudest cheerleaders, and best coaches. Before we get more personal and dive a little bit into our marriages (not today but someday), we wanted to first give you guys a little background on Matt (B’s hubby) & Finn (C’s hubby).

10 Things you Might Not Know About Finn


  • Finn is addicted to chapstick. And when I say addicted…I really mean it! He buys the bulk 24 packs from Amazon (the generic chapstick in a black tube) and goes through them so quickly. I always keep an extra chapstick on hand just in case he doesn’t have one, and I  feel like the mighty hero when I whip it out of my purse in “dire” moments of need.
  • He is such a deep sleeper and he isn’t the best at waking up to an alarm. Even when it’s super loud and right next to his head…he will still blissfully sleep right on through it. He is also a total night owl and stays up hours after I’ve gone to bed.
  • Finn works harder than anyone I know. If a project needs to be done, he will be at the office super late doing anything it takes to get the job done. I really respect his devotion to his career.
  • He could eat a quesadilla for every single meal. He probably makes 1 every other night as a late night snack. Because of this, we buy tortillas in bulk from Costco!finn-kitchen-cooking
  • Finn is incredibly quick-witted, he is so good at puns, and he always has a funny comeback. It sometimes takes me a few minutes to get his jokes..he is just always 10 steps ahead of my brain.
  • While he isn’t a music aficionado, he absolutely loves EDM (electronic dance music). It took me a little while to get used to it, but it has really grown on me.finn Holding Box
  • Finn has an incredible relationship with his mom and sister and talks to them on the phone quite often. They say you should find a man who treats his mom with respect, so I definitely found one!
  • As a basketball lover (especially college basketball), March is his FAVORITE month and he has actually been to 12 Final Four Championships over the course of his life. View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-1
  • Even though he doesn’t always admit it, he is a phenomenal dancer! This makes him the perfect wedding date, as he is always willing to hit the dance floor and cut loose with me!
  • His full name is Michael Finn, but everyone calls him “Finn” (both personally & professionally). When we got married I thought I should maybe try to call him Mike (since my new last name was now Finn too!), but after 10 years of calling him “Finn” I just couldn’t change my ways. So Finn it is!

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mattjeans-tee-blazer-christmas

  • Matt is like a jukebox when it comes to oldies music and attributes his knowledge to all of the long road trips he took growing up. If he hears an oldie song, he can almost immediately name the tune and the artist.M&P_Presentations_matt
  • Outside of his day job, Matt is a public speaker. He is the co-founder of M&P Presentations, and he and his partner travel around the country to speak to middle schoolers and high schoolers about loving the person you are… regardless of imperfections. I admire his passion for what he does and am in constant awe at what a difference he and his partner make in these kids’ lives.
  • Although Matt loves speaking in front of large crowds (I have no clue how he does it), he is pretty reserved and actually fairly quiet in a large group. He would much rather sit back and observe than be the center of attention in a social situation.
  • Matt has worn a fitbit in his pocket for the last 3+ years and loves to rack up a ton of steps throughout the day. It’s common for him to go on 3+ hour walks (he calls them “walk/runs” for the record) just for fun on the weekends or throughout the summer.matt_phil_headshots-39
  • He warms up the car every morning before we leave for work and goes above and beyond to do lots of chores around our house.
  • Matt’s family means the world to him. He goes back home to visit his parents at least once a week and chats with his mom, dad, and brother on the phone every single day.
  • Matt loves professional wrestling (eek). He grew up as a big fan and unlike many other kids his age, he’s still a huge fan 30 years later.
  • He also loves Bruce Springsteen, National Parks, basset hounds and the Chicago Cubs.
  • Matt’s a morning person and would much rather go to bed early and get up early than stay up late and sleep in. <— a man after my own heart.Matt_mens_health
  • Matt loves staying active and eating healthy. He will sit down and chat with anyone he can about their workout routines or their healthy eating habits, but he also loves Hooters Wings, Coke, and anything smothered in BBQ sauce (especially his mom’s homemade ribs).


Hopefully, these random fun facts gave you a glimpse at our better halves. To be honest, we’re not huge fans of Valentine’s Day but it does serve as a great reminder to never take these guys for granted.

We hope you take some time to tell the special person in your life how much you love them today…quirks and all! Happy Valentine’s Day friends!


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