How to Make New Home Announcements

About a week after Matt and I bought our first house, we made it official!!

Making it official didn’t happen with a new diamond ring or any engagement news.. more like we officially sent out our NEW HOUSE ANNOUNCEMENTS! If that’s not making it official… I’m not sure what is?

So with no further ado, I would like to share with you our official news while also giving you a quick break down on how to make your new home purchase just as “official” as ours…

Our New Home Announcements

DIY House announcement
I definitely cannot take any credit for this little idea. My inspiration came from here. I absolutely adored these moving announcements but could not figure a way to print directly on the paint swatch. Rookie problems.
With no way to print the announcements on the paint strip itself, I was back to the drawing board. After a little more brainstorming and a fateful trip to Wal-mart, I came up with Plan B. I decided to print this moving information on simple labels and stick those labels on my paint swatches! If I’m a rookie DIY-er, I consider myself a little leaguer when it comes to all things computer, including printers. So if I can figure this out, so can you!! Hear me out…

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Paint Swatch House Announcement
House Announcement
Step 1:
Pick up as many paint swatches as you can! You can find a variety of FREE (yes, FREE) samples at any Home Depot, Lowe’s, or local paint/hardware stores. You need to pick up a stack of the large multi-colored swatches and another stack of the smaller, single colored swatches. I used two single colored swatches to every one multi-colored swatch (2:1), but you can use a 1:1 ratio if your paint selection is limited.
Allow me to do the math…
Step 2:
Pick up the remainder of your supplies.
– Adhesive Labels (or name tags)
– Kite String
– Scissors
– Hole Punch
– Envelopes & Stamps if you plan on mailing these out
Paint Swatch House Announcement
Here’s the scoop on the labels, or name tags. You can pick up these cheap, sticky labels at any local office supply store. I bought mine for less than $4 at Wal-mart. I bought one package that contained 80 labels. (You don’t necessarily have to use this size, but make sure your labels will fit on your single colored paint swatches). I’ll let you do that math.
I prefer to use Avery labels because you can use the model number (here’s mine) to download the template onto your computer. Once you’ve downloaded your template, it is easy to plug in your text, copy this text onto each label and press PRINT. Yup, it’s that easy! You don’t have any excuses; you can totally make these!
Here’s a closer look. The “25395” number you see below is the model number, the same number I plugged in on Avery’s website to locate and download the label template I needed.
Step 3:
Use the downloaded template to type in your message. Once you complete one label, simply copy and paste this same text onto each of the remaining labels and… PRINT!
House Announcement Tutorial


House Announcement


Step 4:
Put it all together!
Take these new labels and stick them on your small paint swatches…
Creating a New House Announcement
Stack a multi-colored paint swatch (bottom), with one or two smaller swatches and add a hole punch…
We're Moving!

Tie them together with a little kite string. The biggest decision from here- bow or no bow? You decide.

New Home Announcement
Step 5:
Add your home announcements to an envelope and send these bad boys out to make your new purchase official!
So there you go. That’s how we made our big announcement official! This DIY is simple, quick and the best part… CHEAP! The most expensive part of this project for me was paying for the postage. Here’s a look at one that made it’s way all the way down to St. Louis….
DIY New House Announcement
Moving Announcement
Because I am head over heels for this easy project, I have been brainstorming more ways to use this paint swatch concept. I’ve come to the conclusion that these announcements could be translated into the perfect invite to a house warming party, a pinterest party (more on that later), baby/gender announcements or even a wedding/baby shower. Could you imagine using future nursery colors to create the perfect baby shower invite? What a great way to give your guests hints on the nursery’s color scheme. Hopefully my mailing list forgets all about these home announcements by the time I am sending out baby shower invites.