How to Organize Beach Essentials

I know, I know… it’s only March, which makes it not even close to beach weather here in Chicago. But for any teachers or students in the crowd, the beach may not be so far off.
Do we have any spring breakers tuning in? Whether you’re headed on Spring Break to somewhere tropical (jealous) or just wishing beach weather would hurry its behind up and get here already… it’s always a good time to get organized (and plan ahead for those much needed days of sunshine).

Tips to Organize Beach Essentials

how to organize beach essentials

In our house, when beach weather comes around… there’s nothing more annoying than planning for a day at the beach and checking 42 places in our home for all of the day’s necessities. His trunks are somewhere in there, my suit is somewhere around here, the sunscreen is who knows where. Ah-nnoying. Our solution to this chaos? A simple, all-in-one place to store ALL things beach.

It’s simple. You put all of the stuff you need for a day at the beach/lake all in ONE spot. Let me break it down for ya….

1. Get a storage bin/box (I scored this one on super sale at HomeGoods).

gather all of your beach towels
2. Gather all of your beach towels, fold them up and add them to the bin.
Grab your swim trunks
3. Dig through his stuff to find all of his trunks…
Pickup some string bikinis
4. Gather up all of your suits (ya know, mixing and matching is in these days… having all of your options to decide the perfect suit combo is essential)
Pickup extra sunglasses and sunscreen
5. Corral all of your travel sized goodies and beach essentials (sunblock, lotions, mouthwash for overnights, etc. etc.)
Put everything in a travel-sized bag
6. Add your travel goodies into a small travel bag. I actually made this one in my high school sewing class, but any large make-up tote would work.
7. Add everything neatly into the bin.  Keyword: neatly! You’ve come this far, don’t fall short now.
How to organize beach essentials
Make a cute label that says beach
8. Label the bin so you don’t forget where to find your box o’ beach. (because if you’re anything like me, you forget what is in each box if they are not labeled properly).
Organizing beach essentials in the linen closet
9. Find a home for your beach box and store it until it’s time for some serious fun in the sun! I added mine to my linen closet and love that it frees up space in our drawers and cabinets while also keeping everything in one central location.

Get Ready for Fun in the Sun

How to organize beach essentials
When it’s time for our next va-cay or road trip to the lake, we are practically packed and ready to go. Gone are the days where we are tearing the drawers and cabinets apart to find the bottoms of my bikini, the sunblock, or his mysteriously missing trunks. We know exactly where they are and we are ready to GO (without any stress)! Now, all we need is some warm weather…