My Favorite Organizational Products for the New Year

A new year means a new beginning for your home. As I mentioned in my laundry organization post, we always like to take January to declutter, purge, and start the year fresh in our household. Finn and I spent a good chunk of our holiday break going through our storage room and looking at items from our childhood we could pare down and get them put away in nice plastic bins. It was the best feeling ever to tackle that project!

If you’re itching to purge and declutter your own space, I want to share some resources with you. First, I’ve written so many blog posts about cleaning, organizing, and purging over the years and I want to make sure you have easy access to all of those articles. Then, let’s review some of my favorite organizational products to get the job done (and make your newly organized space look amazing!).

Here’s a dive into the archives. Just click on any of the titles below…

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See, I told you we’ve done a lot of organizing projects around here. A clean and tidy home is my jam and I always love sharing my tips with all of you. Hopefully, all of those posts will inspire you to get a good start on your own organizational goals for the year.

While I think the foundation of any organization project is to get rid of unwanted items, it’s also important to make a home for the items you do keep. And when you create a well-designed space for those items, it always seems to stay looking good for a longer period of time. Or maybe that’s just me?! I just can’t get enough baskets or labels around here because they elevate every cabinet and closet.

My Favorite Organizational Products

My favorite organizational products

Here are some of my favorite organizational products that I use in my own home. It’s funny because I consider myself to be a very tidy and organized person, but Finn takes things to a new level. He has a system for everything. Even our junk drawer is meticulous because of that man! We have both tested lots of organizational products over the years and these are those we love and use everyday…

Felt Hangers

Swapping out all of the hangers in your closet for matching ones will make a huuuuuge difference. I love felt hangers because clothes don’t slip and they don’t take up much space so you can push clothing close together.

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Clear Storage Bins

Finn just bought six of these for our storage room and they’re amazing. Sturdy, hold plenty, and I like that they’re clear so you can spot what’s in them quickly. We also labeled the outside so they stay super organized!

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Clear Command Hooks

I use Command strips and hooks all around our house. These small ones really come in handy for me. I use these to hang the hats on the walls in my closet, to hang the washcloth up on the inside of my vanity cabinet, and even for the loofah in my shower! I also like the big Command hooks too.

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Clear Drawer Containers

I use these clear containers in our office desk and in my bathroom vanity. I like that you can configure the compartments in any way you want. I use this for pens, scissors, paper clips, etc. in the office. Then in the bathroom, it keeps all of my makeup organized.

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Bamboo Drawer Organizer

We have two of these in our large drawers to organize all of our utensils, measuring cups, and more. It’s great because it’s expandable so you can have it fit your drawer exactly. Much better than a huge junk drawer of utensils!

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Bamboo Shoe Rack

This is the shoe rack we use in our front closet and it works wonderfully. Finn wears a size 13 shoe and his big ol’ shoes fit on this thing, so I consider that a win. Plus, it’s not terrible to look at!

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Underbed Storage Cube

I recently packed up all of my non-maternity clothing in an underbed storage cube and my closet feels 10x lighter. I highly recommend storing out-of-season clothing away so your closet is a bit lighter. I bought my storage containers in store at IKEA over five years ago, but these ones look great!

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Jewelry Organizer

I’ve used this organizer for the last few years and it’s incredible. I wear more of my jewelry because I can see it all and necklaces are no longer a tangled mess. I have this in a drawer of my IKEA closet, but in our condo, I just placed this in a dresser drawer and it worked great.

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Clear Pantry Containers

We like to use a lot of clear containers in our pantry to keep our food fresh and to keep the entire closet tidy. These work great for cereal and we use these smaller ones for nuts and granola.

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Wicker Baskets

You can’t go wrong with more wicker baskets. We use them alllll over our house. For linens in our laundry cabinet, in our hall closet for cleaning supplies, and in our antique hutch to hold extra decor.

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I would love to know…what organizational project is on the tippy top of your list? Now that we’re starting the office project, I am so looking forward to getting every nook and cranny of that space looking good. I’ve gotta go through our file cabinet, find a home for all of my photography equipment, make room for desk supplies… It’s going to be so satisfying once it’s all done. But we’ll take baby steps to get there…


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