How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead

As 2 busy gals, we know all too well how it feels to sometimes be overwhelmed by life.  Often times that to-do list just seems too dang long, the house seems like it will never ever be clean, and that list of errands just keeps growing and growing!

But being organized for the week is what keeps us sane. It keeps us on task, it keeps us happy, and it allows us to be able to juggle full-time jobs, the blog, and every other thing life throws our way. One of our most asked questions is, “How do you two juggle it all?” And let’s be very clear here, we absolutely do not juggle it all. We get by day by day just like everyone else. But we do practice things each week to make our everyday lives a bit easier.

How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead

How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

So today, we figured we would share some of our tried and true tidbits for a more organized life. More specifically, we’re breaking down our Sunday rituals because it’s what gears us up for a busy work week.

If you’re looking to take on 2016, to live a less stressful and more efficient life…then you may want to consider incorporating some of these tips into your Sunday routine. Here’s how to get organized for the week ahead. Get a routine: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Wash your Sheets & TowelsDo laundry regularly: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

After you wake up & shower, strip the bed and gather all of the towels in your home and throw them in the wash. It can be easy to forget to wash your sheets each week, but if you want to start your week on the right foot then slipping into a clean bed on Sunday night is the way to do it! Once everything is clean and fresh, hang up your towels and make your bed. Here’s how we wash our duvet covers.

Grocery Shop/Meal PrepMeal Prep! How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

It’s no secret that we are pretty terrible in the kitchen. We consider ourselves to be pretty dang lucky to have husbands who actually enjoy cooking. If we didn’t have them, we would probably be eating cereal and scrambled eggs for dinner every.single.night #nojoke

But one thing we can help with is the grocery shopping and food prep. Honestly, we don’t always go grocery shopping on Sundays because that’s when the rest of the world goes grocery shopping. So that means sometimes we’ll shop for all of the essentials on Friday nights or Saturdays <—we realize this makes us sound lame, but hey it’s less crowded! But then on Sunday we already have everything we need in the pantry and fridge! We’ll throw out old leftovers, clear out the shelves, and get food ready for the week ahead. Chop veggies, wash fruits, and make your lunch food.Meal Prep does work: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Finn Household: We make all of our lunches for the work week on Sunday afternoon. Finn will grill chicken and roast vegetables, and I’ll bake sweet potatoes and make a big batch of quinoa. I’ll also chop any fruit for breakfast, and arrange some fresh flowers from the grocery store. We pre-portion everything out into tupperware, and then we can just grab and go to work every day. It may sound boring, but it keeps us healthy and on track. Plus bringing your lunch = good on the wallet.

Here’s a post outlining exactly how we food prep each weekWe both do meal prep! How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Matkovich Household: Like the Finn household, we too make our lunches on Sundays. Usually, Matt grills chicken and mixes the grilled chicken with organic spinach in individual containers for the week. We also sprinkle croutons on top (gotta have a little something to look forward to in the salad) and pour salad dressing into mini containers to pour on the salads at work. We also try and cut lemons to throw in our water bottles each morning. Like Casey mentioned, we bring lunch to work EVERYDAY and never eat out. Partly because it saves money, but partly because as a teacher I have 22 minutes to shovel my food in, hit up the restroom, respond to a few parent emails and get to the next class before the bell rings! Glamorous, right?

Spend 30 minutes with your CalendarSpend time with your calendar: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

You need to carve out some time on Sunday to look at your week ahead. This is going to make Monday morning that much better. We’re fans of both planners & google calendars. Look at your upcoming week and make sure you’ve got it all written down. Pencil in after-work errands, write down that dinner with your girlfriends, and make a note of everything that needs to be done during the week. Plus seeing “happy hour” written in your planner will make the first few days of the week that much more tolerable.

This is also a great time to jot down your workouts for the week or sign up for individual workout classes (any other Class Pass lovers out there?). Trust us, you’re less likely to skip your workout if it’s written down in your calendar. So take time on Sunday and make a realistic gameplan.

Here are more tips to use your planner effectively to organize your schedule.

Pack your Workout BagPrep your workout How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

So you’ve already signed up for your workout classes (or made a gym plan), now it’s time to make sure you can’t weasel out of exercising. Pack your gym bag with all of the necessities, and you’ll be ready to grab it and go come Monday.

Plan your Work WearPlan your work outfit! How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Okay, we may seem like we’re 5-year-olds, but we both always pick out our outfits the night before workdays. Yep, big dorks over here. But we’re telling ya…it makes your morning that much better! From the belt to the accessories, plan it all out so you’re not rummaging through your closet haphazardly before you’ve even had your coffee. You can even designate a pretty hook in your closet for the next day’s attire. Bonus points if you plan out your entire week of clothing. We only go one day at a time, but an entire work week could be a great plan too! Psssst..don’t forget to check the 5-day forecast during this time as well.

Make a Laundry Plan & Gather Dry CleaningDo a laundry gameplan! How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Finn Household: Because the wash is usually monopolized by the towels & sheets combo, we don’t usually do our laundry on Sundays. Instead, we’ll pencil it in for a weeknight. With it on the calendar, it’s much more likely to get done and your pile of dirty clothes won’t grow too large. Also, gather up any dry cleaning on Sundays and put it in a bag by the door. That way you can drop it off on your way to work on Monday morning.Make time for chores: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Matkovich Household: We actually try to get all of our laundry done by Sunday (aka do it Friday night or Saturday) and we then leave Sunday to tackle all of the ironing. Since Matt wears a shirt + tie + slacks every day to work, we have a tall ironing order each week and if we don’t tackle all of it, it would totally cramp our small laundry room. As much as I’d love to bring it all to the dry cleaners, the number of work clothes we would send would be too much $$$. So usually when Matt is making lunches for the week, I take care of all of our ironing…. usually while catching up on my fav shows. 😉

Clean out your PurseClean out your purse: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Our work bags, wallets, and purses can quickly become black holes if we don’t tend to them. Take a few minutes on Sunday to clear out your bag. File receipts, dump heavy change into a bowl, and get your bag streamlined and organized.

Sunday Night = Me TimeMake some "me time" How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

Sundays don’t just need to be devoted to list making and laundry. Instead, it’s also important to take care of yourself and unwind at night. That can mean putting on a face mask, taking a bath, and reading a book in the tub. This is also a good time to pluck your eyebrows, deep condition your hair, or paint your nails. Making these things a part of your Sunday night routine, will make your mornings that much easier when you’re getting ready for the day.

Talk to your Husband/Roomie/Significant OtherCommunicate: How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

One question we always ask our husbands on Sunday night…”What does your week look like?” Yes, it’s a simple question but we’ve found that it can do wonders for your marriage. They say a good relationship comes down to good communication, and being on the same page about your week ahead is a great start. Knowing if he has an important meeting, or telling him I’ll be working late one night, or reminding him about a weeknight family dinner…these are all great things to discuss on Sunday night before the craziness of Monday arrives. Outline your expectations and you will be on your way to a great week.Be organized! It's worth it! How to Get Organized for the Week Ahead | The DIY Playbook

So now we want to hear…what do you do on Sundays to prep for your big week ahead? We can always use more tips to make our lives run a little smoother…so bring it on!


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