DIY Hairpin Table – 2 ways

Between Bridget’s quest for a new coffee table, my search for bathroom lights, and Bridget’s office makeover…we’ve both been doing quite a bit of online home shopping.

And even though we adore looking for home decor pieces, we also love when we can DIY instead of buying! When Hairpin Legs reached out to see if we wanted to try out their product, we immediately said “yes!” This was the motivation we needed to create something ourselves instead of immediately heading to an online retailer.

We both ordered these matte black legs (in 20″) and got to work. It’s so funny because we ended up creating VERY similar projects, but we got to our end result in very different ways.


Ever since we got our new sectional, I’ve been itching to add a side table near the built-ins. Every time I’d head to HomeGoods or Target I would scour the aisles in search of the perfect side table. But I never seemed to find anything that was just right.

Hairpin legs are modern and easily transform any room

I’m so excited that we challenged ourselves to create our own pieces using hairpin legs, because I could create a side table in the exact size and look that I wanted for our space.

How to make a marble table with hairpin legs

I eventually want to replace our wood coffee table with another (less damaged) wood coffee table, so I decided to stay away from building a wood side table. Just too much brown in this small space. Instead I was on the hunt for a white piece of stone or granite.

Accent pieces on the new marble table

Bridget actually found this piece for $20 at Reuse Depot (really cool place if you’re local!), and graciously let me use it for our side table. It was the perfect size…not too big and not too small. I’m not quite sure what kind of stone it is, but it’s not marble. Even though marble makes my heart flutter…I was still digging the light look of this piece of stone!

All you'll need to build the table
The hairpin legs easily attach to the base of the table

Because I knew that I was going to eventually place a heavy lamp on the table, I wanted to make sure I made the table as sturdy as possible. So instead of just gluing the legs to the piece of stone, I glued a piece of plywood to the bottom of the stone and then drilled the legs into the wood. 

I made sure to use short 1/2 inch screws into the wood so it wouldn’t poke out the other side and into the stone. It only took me about 30 minutes total to get this table “built” and sitting pretty in our family room.

The new table looks perfect in our family room an compliments the built ins perfectly
Pick the perfect accessories to complement your table
The table works perfect in the family room

I’m absolutely digging the new table. It really makes the entire room feel cozier and I love that we now have a table lamp in here. Because I saved so much money on the side table, I didn’t feel bad splurging on the table lamp (and I got it for 20% off during their most recent sale!). I also added in some greenery, books, and a wooden box from our most recent trip to Mexico.

Final reveal- the table in the family room

I’ll share more about our new piece of art we hung over the side table early next week. Seriously can’t wait to chat about it!


Option 2- hairpin table DIY
This marble is the starting point for the table
Liquid Nails
Tutorial for option 2 of the hairpin table
Detail- hairpin legs

Like Casey mentioned, we were really excited to DIY with these gorgeous hairpin legs.
I thought about making a side table, a bench, and even a coffee table out of these legs but eventually landed on creating a DIY marble plant stand because I couldn’t find material that I LOVED enough for those other projects. But after doing this project and seeing how easy it was to work with these legs, and how much I love the look, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more material to upcycle in order to DIY one of those other options.After I found Casey’s piece of salvaged counter top at Reuse Depot, I spotted a pile of brand new marble tile and knew that one of the $5 pieces could work perfectly for my plant stand. (Note: this picture shows the backside of the marble tile, the front side didn’t have stains like the back did).
I thought about adding wood to my plant stand like Casey did but figured it would be fun to experiment with the glue so we could come back and report two different options.
My plant stand will not be holding nearly as much weight as Casey’s, so the glue also made sense. Honestly, I could NOT believe how easy it was to attach these legs to the back of the marble tile. All I had to do was add glue to the back of each leg’s base and stick it to the tile. The gluing part took less than 5 minutes and I was done.
Once the legs were in place, I added some heavy books on top of them (making sure the books didn’t move the legs) and let the legs dry over night.

Finished product- hairpin table

In the morning, my DIY plant stand was done and I was in love with the look… and how easy this personalized piece of decor turned out to be!

This greenery is the perfect accent for the marble table
The hairpin table looks excellent with this greenery
Final reveal- marble hairpin table

I added a plant and a cactus to the top of my table and am loving the fresh, sleek look. It’s nice to have a little extra greenery inside, especially now that the weather is breaking here in Chicago! Right now these plants are living in the corner of my living room, but I’m thinking about incorporating this sturdy plant stand outside on our patio in a few months. I feel like the pop of white marble + hairpin legs would be a welcomed addition to our outdoor space.

Even though I didn’t add the wood like Casey, I do feel like this plant stand feels very sturdy. One thing I would note for fellow DIY-ers who may be interested in re-creating this look is to be careful if you have little ones around. I’m not a parent, but the pointy edges on this piece of marble seem like they could be a bit dangerous in a home where kids are playing, especially since the height of this table is in reach of a child.

The new table looks perfect in our place!

Other than that little tip, I can’t recommend this super simple DIY project enough. The hairpin legs are sturdy & come in lots of sizes + colors so the DIY possibilities are really endless!

Version 1- DIY hairpin leg tutorial


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