Our New Organized Closet In Our Master Bedroom

One of the smartest things we did during our renovation was to plan and install our new closet system in our master bedroom. It was a project we were able to devote time to because we were still waiting for the rest of the house to be finished. We also were able to get all of our clothing out of our basement and put away in our gorgeous new organized closet.  We did this the week before we officially moved in and it made a huuuuuge difference. Instead of haphazardly throwing items here and there, we had the time to think through the placement of every single item. Tips to install the IKEA PAX wardrobe

I’m happy to say that we’re obsessed with our new organized closet and it’s been working soooo well for both of us over the past few weeks of living here. Last we chatted about our IKEA PAX closet, I revealed it installed but still empty. Let’s take a look at this baby all filled up…

Our New Organized ClosetOur new organized closet from IKEA

This closet holds all.the.things. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that I get the left side of the closet, while Finn gets the right. It mimics the sides of the bed we sleep on (not sure how we decided on that, but it works!). Let’s go into detail about each side…

Finn’s Side of the Closet

Finn has a large wardrobe and a small wardrobe, that is more shallow. Organized belts in a pull out drawer from IKEA

On the far right side, he has shelves for shoes, a rack for his dress pants, a pull out tray for belts, and then drawers for smaller items. I love the little rolled up belts. So organized and sleek looking. Plus, we upgraded things even further with felt liners for the slide-out trays (so things don’t move around on ya!).Drawer with sweaters

His large drawer holds all of his sweaters (we both like to do the Marie Kondo fold!).

Above the drawer, he hangs casual shirts and pants. It’s funny, Finn is all about the wood hangers whereas I’m a felt hanger girl all the way (maybe because I like to jampack more stuff into my side!). But he swears by the wood hangers and ended up getting both wood and black ones from IKEA.Pull-out tray for men's accessoriesFinn’s pull-out tray is probably my favorite part of his side of the closet. He has his watches, glasses, ties, and other accessories all organized beautifully in here. I consider myself to be an organized person, but Finn takes things to the next level.

He was so adorable getting this drawer all organized. I think he is obsessed with it and loves being able to open it up each day (oh, and we even added lights to the back of our pull-out drawers so they’re extra fancy! More about that in this post). Men's dress shirts

I feel like his side of the closet looks way more organized than mine because his dress shirts are all the same size and they’re arranged by color (love that!). They’re so crisp and nice all lined up in a row and it’s easy for him to get dressed for work every morning now.

My Side of the ClosetOur new organized closet that is reach-in

Now, let’s move onto my side of the closet!IKEA wardrobe frames

I have a small shallow frame, a medium frame, and another small frame to make up my side of the closet.

I have shelves for shoes all the way on the left with drawers below for bathing suits, underwear, bras, etc. I’m a big hat lover and couldn’t find a great spot to keep my hats from getting smushed. I ended up hanging them with these small command hooks on the wall and they are staying up perfectly.  I like that I can easily grab what I want and see everything all at once. It’s a great way to maximize the vertical space for a more organized closet.

I find that I don’t like to hang all of my belongings. I mostly just hang tops, dresses, and jackets. So I decided to just have three small racks of hanging space. In the medium-sized wardrobe, I have short and long-sleeve shirts that I color-coded so I can find items easily.

Baskets from Lowe's

We put a glass shelf underneath the hanging rack so I would have a spot to add a few more items. Here I purchased two baskets from Lowe’s. One holds my purses and clutches, while the other has my scarves. I love the linen look of these cute baskets. Pull-out tray from Ikea

Below that, I have two pull-out trays. This first one holds some random items, like sunglasses, headscarves, belts, broaches, and even some special mementos. I love having this tray to keep all of these small pieces organized. Organized jewelry tray

The next tray holds this tray from The Container Store. If you remember from this blog post, I used to have this exact tray in our bedroom dresser, but it works in here even better! I wear a lot of the same jewelry over and over, so I don’t need tons of space for lots of jewelry!

Next up, my drawers. The top drawer has workout clothes, the next has all of my pants, and the bottom two hold more shoes. How to fold jeans like Marie Kondo

Ever since I started folding my jeans like Marie Kondo, I haven’t gone back to stacking them. It is so much easier to find the pair I want to wear and then place them back in nicely when I’m done for the day. A drawer for shoes

I love that lots of my shoes are hidden in the two bottom drawers! These hold at least 16 pairs of shoes and they’re concealed and tucked away to make things look even more organized. Love that. Middle unit for dresses

Finally, my middle unit! On top, it holds dresses and on the bottom jackets and blazers. I had two dresses that were too long for this spot, so they are currently hanging in our guest room closet (I ended up installing this same closet system in our guest room. It only took 45 minutes and it was such a breeze to install!). Our new organized closet system

We’ve been using our new organized closet system for the past few weeks and it’s amazing. I feel like I’m wearing a variety of clothing because I can see everything I own and getting dressed in the morning is simple. We’re both pretty neat and tidy people, so I’m confident it will stay this way for the long haul.

Before & After

Master bedroom beforeCloset beforeOur organized closet from IKEAOur closet (and master bedroom in general!) have come a long way since we closed on the house in May. I’m so happy we took the time to make this space work well for us and our lifestyle. I hope it encourages you to design the organized closet of your dreams!


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