DIY Geometric Chargers

This is considered a “charger” a.k.a. a decorative plate that dresses up a table for special occasions. Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Dinner Parties, Girls’ Nights, or just date nights… chargers can take your entertaining game to the next level on the cheap!
diy charger
Chargers run about $2 per plate and can be found at local craft shops in all sorts of colors. We love ’em and think they can make a colorful statement for all sorts of occasions. Plus, they’re super low maintenance to incorporate into your next event because they can stay on the table (under the real plate) until you clean up. Of course, simple chargers are glamorous on their own…. but you know these two rookies are always looking to put a personal spin on a traditional item. Today’s geometric chargers are no different.
easy charger craft
Honestly, these are quite possibly one of the most simple projects in the history of tablescape glam. All you need is painter’s tape, protective covering (I used wrapping paper, but old newspaper/plastic or more tape could work too), and spray paint. Lucky for your guests, food will never come in contact with the one-of-a-kind chargers…. so paint away!
geometric charger
Once the plates were covered, all we had to do was spray paint the exposed plate, wait for all of them to dry (ugh, hate that part) and remove the tape/paper. We were left with these modern, colorful and REUSABLE chargers that cost us less than $3 each.
diy chargers
The fun part is that each plate in the set can be completely different. With each one slightly mismatching, your table will develop a lot more design interest, forcing your guests to really take notice. (In our case, we’re hoping our guests will be so distracted by the design interest that they have less time to be focused on the meal).
DIY Charger plates
modern place setting

We paired our gold & mint chargers with a bold black & white striped napkin and white dinnerware for a modern look. But we think by pairing these bad boys with other napkins, these chargers could take on an entirely different look and could work for a ton of other events. We’re excited to mix and match and maybe even add a few extra colors to our set. Heck, they were so easy to do… why not?!

diy geometric charger tutorial
Maybe a red & white combo could be more appropriate for this weekend’s festivities? Remember, the chargers come in ALL different colors! Stars? Stripes? The possibilities are endless!