How to Save your Old Christmas Cards

For 2 girls who love home decor and accessories, we’re surprisingly good at purging. We’re good at tossing what we no longer need, donating what we no longer want, and simplifying our homes from time to time. But our best living simple intentions fly out the window when it comes to sentimental stuff. It can be so hard to part with items that mean something special to us and Christmas cards are definitely on that list. We simply can’t bear to toss out all of our holiday cards on December 26th.

But holding onto boxes and boxes of messy cards is also not an option.

Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at Casey’s 2014 Christmas card booklet that’s been hanging out on her coffee table. Well today, we want to give you a step by step tutorial on how to save your old Christmas cards too.

It only takes a few quick & easy steps…
Christmas-Cards-Hole-Punch1. Grab your collection of cards and a hole punch.

Hole-punching-cards2. Line up your cards neatly and punch a hole in the corner. (You can also do 2 holes along the top if you have lots of cards to manage) We suggest adding cards to your booklet as they arrive in the mail. That means less time after the holidays getting organized, and more time returning some of those questionable gifts you received….Silver-Ring-Holder3. Bundle your cards together with a binder ring. We found a wide range of sizes at an office supply store.

4. To take your card booklet to the next level, we suggest making a front & back cover for your “book.” We simply used scrapbook paper and washi tape to decorate this “2014” one.

Cards-In-holder2014_Christmas-Card-Holder5. Enjoy flipping through your Christmas card booklet!

Cheer-Christmas-CardWe love keeping this Christmas card booklet out during the entire holiday season for both us and our guests to enjoy.

But what’s even better is looking at these booklets the following Christmas season. It’s one of the best things to flip through when you’re setting up your holiday decor in early November December. It’s great to see how people have changed over the year, and it can also serve as a nice reminder to help you remember who sent you a card last year (& who you need to send a card to this year).

Bridget used this method for the last three years. Check out her bright collection…

Christmas Card Collection

She puts her books on display on her coffee table and anytime I’m over at her house around the holidays, I love looking through these mini books and taking a festive stroll down memory lane.Saving Christmas CardsChristmas Card Book

Did we motivate you enough to get to work?!! We promise you’ll thank us when you pull out that mini book next year.

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  • Diana

    I’m the exact same way when it comes to simplifying and purging…very good at it until it comes to sentimental things!! This is such a cute idea!

  • Val B

    Love this idea! I just turned 5 years worth of cards into 5 neat little Christmas card mini booklets. So easy and cute. I know I will be excited when I bring them all out next year

    • Aww, thanks for sharing Val! Happy New Year =)

  • Happy you like it Candace! What a great idea to do it for other occasions as well!

  • Sheri

    I’ve been doing this with my cards but I have not been making a cover for them. What a great idea! Thanks!

    • Sheri, happy to inspire you to make a cover! Thanks!