DIY Tassel Keychain

Although Casey is away enjoying her fabulous honeymoon, we did manage to sneak in a little craft/blogging time together before she left. As an “extra credit” component of our Spring Cleaning To-Do List Printable, we decided to add an item to the list that was begging for a mini makeover– our car keys. In between girl talk and blog planning, we cleaned up our keys, downsized, added color and DIY-ed two different types of keychains.IMG_1821Our keys are now color-coordinated, a lot lighter, organized and pretty! We’ll share all of the details on how we added color to our keys and the DIY leather keychain tomorrow. Today we are going to start with a DIY tassel keychain that is perfect for a BUSY GIRL! IMG_1800The blue DIY tassel keychain literally takes about 5 minutes and less than $7 in supplies. We bought our supplies at JoAnn Fabrics but any local craft shop should have the supplies you need  (in the Jewelry making section). IMG_1769Pretty cute right? Plus, we love that you can make the tassel keychain with the beads, colors and embellishments that YOU love.
IMG_1664So, all you need is a keychain clasp, a tassel embellishment, and beads — all which are sold in the Jewelry making section at a craft store. We recycled the wire that the beads came on so we didn’t have to buy any wire, however, if you want to make a few keychains with the beads we would suggest buying a small amount of jewelry wire. IMG_1678We cut the bead wire to release the beads.diydiyWe used that wire and double knotted it to attach the tassel. Then we strung on a few of the beads and tied the other end of the wire to the keychain. IMG_1694We cut off the excess wire on each end and (not shown) strung that little piece of wire back into the last bead so the short little end piece isn’t exposed. IMG_1769Then we clipped our DIY tassel keychain onto our colorful keys! It was seriously that easy. Maybe 10 minutes…. tops!IMG_1794Make sure you check back tomorrow for all of the details on how to make the DIY Monogrammed leather keychain and color coded keys!

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  • Ms Kris Rogers

    This is so chic and awesome!!! I love this! Want to make some for my homegirls asap.

    • Thanks so much Kris! We love it too. Nothing better than an organized, lighter, and fashionable keychain 🙂

  • Stephanie Smith

    Cute! I’ve been needing something since my last key chain broke. I didn’t realize it broke, so I lost the key to my car and had to call a locksmith. I like the leather a lot, and it looks sturdy enough that I won’t have any issues losing keys 🙂

    • OMG, that sounds terrible!! Hopefully this new keychain will solve that problem. Happy DIY-ing!!

    • Stephanie Smith

      Thank you! I tried it and it’s been a success 🙂 have a great day!

  • Brandon Smith

    I often come across a lot of unorganized key chains in my line of work: . Seems to waste people’s time with trying every key in certain locks and creating a lot of confusion. I wish more people would color code their keys like your project does. Saving five minutes a day with that method can add up over time. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  • Tony Mena

    Our security officers are constantly getting confused with their keys because they carry so many for so many different patrolled properties. As funny an image as that may make, I think I might have them do something similar to your project to save time.