How to Make a DIY Plant Stand

Remember Maggie’s planter from her adorable condo? Easiest DIY project everrrrrrr. Like if you’re looking for a rookie project to get you in the “DIY game”, this plant stand may just be the nudge you’ve been waiting for!

How to make an easy, chic DIY plant stand for your home.It’s easy, affordable, and totally customizable to your style. Plus, you really can’t go wrong adding a plant into your space.

This DIY plant stand is one of the easiest projects to do, and it adds such a cool and chic touch to your home. DIY Plant Stand – Supplies

  • Circular Board (like this one)
  • 4 Furniture Legs (like these)
  • 4 Dual Top Plates
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paint/Stain <– whatever color you want
  • Paint Brushes (one for each color)
  • Drill

Steps to Create a DIY Plant Stand

Supplies needed to make a DIY plant stand.We bought 2″ legs and dual plates and painted them white. Depending on the height of your plant, you may want to buy legs that are longer than just 2 inches. <– I wish I used longer legs, but honestly I had these leftover from a different project so I went with the 2″ (aka FREE). These are 6-inch ones and they would work great.
Dual top plate for the legs of the DIY plant stand. Eventually, you will drill these into the bottom of the wood board and then screw in the leg. <– it sounds a lot scarier than it is… it’s actually really easy. Round wooden base for the plant stand. This project can be adjusted to be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. It all really depends on how intricate you want the design on top of the plant holder to be. My design is pretty darn easy, however, it does take a little while to complete because you have to wait for each layer of paint to dry before adding another layer of color. As you can see in the graphic below, you do NOT need any artistic skill, just some painter’s tape, and a few different colors.

I applied stain first, followed by white paint, grey semi-gloss, and gold paint. I kind of LOVED the stain next to the natural/bare wood & white, but for Maggie’s space, I didn’t think this combo would be the best fit. Next time… bare wood or possibly a pop of bright color? The possibilities are ENDLESS and totally depend on your space + style.

Once all of the paint was dry, I flipped over the wood and drilled the four “feet” into place (no specific measurement… just eyeballed it).

The plant is from Ikea and looks great on this super easy DIY plant stand. Then, I plopped this adorable plant into this IKEA basket and placed it on top of this DIY plant stand. Done and DONE!

I love that this simple DIY plant stand can fit ANY decor and only cost me about $7 (about $20 if you need to buy legs). If I were to do it again (which I plan to do since I totally want one for my house!), I’ll probably buy longer legs and create a slightly different design.
This chic plant stand matches the decor of the room.Easy DIY Plant Stand for the win!


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