Honey, I Shrunk the Mudroom!

We heart mudrooms. A whole room designated to getting organized and storing outdoor essentials before tracking this mess into the house— where do we sign up?!

Unfortunately when you live in a small space like mine or Casey’s or even Maggie’s, a mudroom is not the reality. It’s more like a teeny-tiny version of a mudroom that is shrunk to one tiny wall that we adoringly (and very generously) call “the entryway”.

Maggie Entryway BEfore
Here’s Maggie’s “entryway”. Standing at only 17 INCHES wide, this entryway may be small but we were convinced that it could still be mighty, very functional, and even fashionable in the process. Check out how we transformed this 17 inch space:

Maggie Entryway Sunglasses Frame

A place to check your hairdo on the way out — Check.
A place to drop keys so Mag doesn’t lose them — Check.
A hint of Style/Personality — Check.Maggie Entryway Sunglasses Frame

We fit a lot in this 17 inch space and spent less than $50 to make it happen!

The mirror is from HomeGoods and took up a majority of the budget coming in at $35. The shelf brackets made up for that coming in at 50 CENTS a piece — thank you, IKEA! We bought the white piece of wood at HomeDepot and had it cut down to size for $13 total (with wood leftover to create another shelf). This project is extra friendly for city-dwellers because we didn’t have to paint, saw or DIY anything….. just had to hang it.

Maggie’s teeny-tiny entryway is far more functional and fashionable than it was before, proving that even 17 inches is enough to create a more organized entryway. We still love mudrooms, but we’re all about working with ya got around here and a spacious mudroom is not in the cards… for now at least. A girl can dream, right?

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  • Trang

    Where did the shelf and mirror get hung in the entry way? Sorry, I can’t tell from the photos. Is it adjacent to the door to the right of the photo above? Or is it opposite the door – where there may be a 17″ wall area from the photo above?

    • Good question… sorry I wasn’t more clear! Hard to photograph but when you open the door and look into the condo…. it’s a tiny 17″ wall directly across from the the doorway on a little wall.

      If you’re looking back at the door (from inside of the condo), it would be on the right hand side behind the light switch wall in that tiny nook. <– does any of that make sense?! #yikes

    • Trang

      Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I suspected that was where the nook was.