Our Favorite Indoor Plants

There’s one word that is definitely NOT on our DIY resume.

GARDENERS. Okay, “chefs” or “bakers” are definitely not on there either…but that’s a story for another day.

casey liberty mutual

Look at Casey…pretending to be such a happy, gardening expert #fake

We like to think that we’re pretty good at a lot of a few things when it comes to the home, but there’s no denying that we kinda suck at keeping plants alive. But the only way to get better at things is to practice, right? (At least that’s what Coach Bridget says!) So over the past few months we both decided that we need to incorporate some live greenery into our homes. Keyword: LIVE.

We started small…and have slowly started to bring in more nature into our pads. And the verdict? So far so good!

When deciding on what plants to buy, we knew they had to pass this test.

Checklist for our Indoor Plants

  • Must be $30-$50 and under <— when the probability of death is high, there’s no use spending hundreds of dollars!
  • Must be low maintenance
  • Must be pretty & fit well with our home decorSpring-plants_watering

Here are our favorite indoor plants that we’ve used in our own homes & in a few recent makeovers. Keep in mind we are not experts, and you may want to chat with an expert at your local garden center when you purchase one of these plants.

Indoor Tree – Pachira Aquatica 

Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand


2-casey-master-bedroom-indoor-plant-money-treeWhy we like it: We purchased this tree on a whim (from Ikea) for Maggie’s condo makeover, and instantly fell in love with it. It’s tall, substantial, and don’t you just love the braided trunk? Plus, it’s called a MONEY TREE. How adorable! Casey loved it so much she purchased one for her home, and it’s currently residing in her master bedroom.

How to care for it: Keep it in bright light, but not in direct sun. Casey originally had hers in her front living room right by the window….but then it got pretty droopy so she moved it to her bedroom where it doesn’t get quite as much light. In terms of water, give it a big dose and allow it to dry out in between waterings.

 Yucca Plant – Yucca Elephantipes

Indoor Outdoor PlantWhy we like it: Bridget purchased this plant (again from Ikea) to include on her patio this summer. It stayed outside amongst her gorgeous patio decor, but now it’s inside adjusting to its new indoor home. And that’s why this plant is great…it’s both indoor & outdoor! Plus we love that it gives a feel of the tropics, even though we’re Midwest gals.

How to care for it: This baby is a sun worshipper! Give it lots of bright, direct light. As for water, give it more in the summer and less in the winter. Once a week should be plenty!

Ficus Pandurata Bushfiddle-leaf-survival-tips

Why we Like it: We’ve all seen plenty of fiddle-leaf fig trees all over the blogosphere. And we too have admired these large gorgeous plants! But many fiddle-leaf trees come with a hefty price tag. We’re talking over $100. We both decided to start small with a bush instead of a large tree. Consider it our way of baby stepping into the fiddle-leaf fig family. We both picked up these bushes at the hardware store for about $20. We are obsessed with the glossy leaves on this plant and love the substance and instant warmth it adds to every room.bridget_fall_fiddle_leaf_family_room_light_plan

How to Care for it: These plants are harder than the others, and we’re still learning as we go. Keeping the trees in bright, direct light has worked well for us both so far. When it comes to watering, be careful. Don’t overwater or let it sit in a puddle. Instead make sure the soil is moist, but well-drained. Casey’s plant has lost a few leaves (sad face), but with more attention it’s looking a bit better.Fiddle_Leaf_shelves

Here’s an entire post on how to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive! And if that doesn’t work for you…then check out this faux fiddle tree (pictured above!) that looks incredibly real!

Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant)


Why we like it: We both have snake plants all over our homes because they’re incredible easy to keep alive and don’t take up too much space. They also add some much needed height and life to any space. Plus, you can buy snake plants in all sizes…like the large one in this gorgeous planter above or the mini one below. planter-desk-indoor-snake-plant-2

How to care for it: Apparently this plant is almost indestructible (which is music to our ears!). It prefers bright, indirect light and doesn’t need to be watered too often.

Faux Plants Maggie Built in Shelves plant decor

maggie aloe plant


Why we like them: Faux plants is where our love affair for nature began. We both own at least a dozen of the small fake plants from Ikea, and also have plenty of faux succulents around both of our homes. If you like the look of plants, without the care…we encourage you to fake it til you make it! The only thing you need to do with faux plants is move them around your home in different areas for styling, and occasionally change out the planter for a new look!

How to care for them: Zero, zilch, nada… welllll, maybe a good dusting every now & then. 😉 <– we can handle that!

DIY_TerrariumSucculents are also a great low-maintenance choice. Make your own succulent terrarium following this tutorial.

Our Favorite Planters

Beginner's Guide to Indoor Plants

Bridget & Casey


  • Summer Hogan

    I can vouch for the snake plant being indestructible for sure!

  • Heather

    I have the worst luck with live succulents. I have tried twice to grow them inside, but they end up dying. As for the fiddle fig, I bought mine at IKEA and it started dropping leaves like crazy until I ended up putting it outside in the spring and summer. It was so happy out there. Hate to see what is going to happen when I bring it in now that it is getting cold

    • Oh that is good to know Heather! We’ve both lost a few leaves on ours and we’re hoping it stops shedding & starts growing! Keep us updated on how it goes indoors.

  • This is my kind of plant post! #brownthumbgirl
    We have a few faux plants but are looking to branch out–this is a great resource to get started!

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  • I’m a big fan of fake succulents for the look and ease! (Just happened to schedule weeks ago a post on my blog for today about those!) but have been meaning to get more real plants for the air cleaning and all that. Love these ideas, will have to check them out!

    • How crazy that we all have plants on the mind?!

  • Chelsea

    I love this post!

    How is the Ficus Pandurata Bush planted in that basket? Also, did you replant it when you got it home? I have the worst luck with plants!!

    • So it’s actually in the same plastic planter it was in when we bought it. I then just put the plastic planter inside the basket. So far so good. But honestly I’m nervous! I need to do more research about when to change the soil and what not… eek!

    • Chelsea

      Is it just a regular basket? I need something like it because our new puppy thinks houseplants are fun to dig in!

    • It is a basket from Ikea’s plant section. It is basically just a regular basket with a plastic plant liner inside, and then I placed the entire plant inside it. Hope that helps! Good luck with the puppy Chelsea!

  • Laura Murtha

    Where are the woven basket and cream perforated container from?

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Where did you get the round plant stands with the feet on them? Like the one the money tree is sitting on?

  • Louise Shaw

    Ikea do great houseplants (in most countries that actually have a store). Love love love them! Good value too for the size of some of the plants you can buy too and they always seem well cared for.

    • We love plants from Ikea too! Such a great variety of options!

  • Darcy DeBlanc

    I have a very green thumb but for some reason the fiddle leaf fig “punked” me twice. The first one I bought died within 4 months and the second one lived outside until I had to bring it in for the winter, I tried everything with it but still nada. I decided to try again and put a lot of thought into where it should go in my house. After careful consideration I put it in my bathroom next to a west window. I have had it for over a year now and it is doing great. It has actually grown almost 3 feet. I only water it once a month. Honestly I forget to take care of it, that’s how well it’s doing! I do take long hot baths 2 or 3 times a week so it gets lots of humidity and it loves it. I honestly forget to take care of it and if you have ever tried to take care of one you know how hard it is. I am just glad I found it a spot that it loves. I wish I had a bigger bathroom so I could put more plants haha.

    • What a perfect spot for your plant! Gotta love when you don’t have to do much at all for it to be happy 🙂

  • i like how you write zero,nil , nada…..I too have alot of fake ones around the house and maybe will get one or two real ones…

    • Haha! Thanks Cindy, sometimes fake is where it’s at.