Were We the Only Ones Who Didn’t Know Nordstrom Sold Home Decor?!

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We need to talk. Seriously guys, are we the only ones who didn’t know that Nordstrom sold home decor? And not just home decor… but adorable, creative and unique items that are giving us some serious heart eyes. Where have we been all this time?! Please reassure us that we’re not the only ones left in the dark here.We love this Good Vibes Placard from Norstrom's home decor!

Online Shopping

Nordstrom is usually our go-to place for online shopping when it comes to clothing because they offer free shipping and have an amazing return policy. We typically peruse Nordstrom’s website to find clothes, accessories, and even shoes. We buy the items and get them sent to us with free shipping! That way we can try them on in the comfort of our own homes and try to pair them with other items we already own.This desk lamp from Nordstrom's home decor collection is exactly what I needed for my workspace!

Then anything we don’t like, we take it back to the actual store because both of us have a brick and mortar Nordstrom pretty close to us. Needless to say, we are not strangers to this store, yet somehow totally overlooked the fact that they have a large selection of home decor items that are very much on-trend. #gamechanger

Home Decor Products We LoveHow cute is this little black and white striped clay pot from Norstrom?

After browsing their home decor section… for the first time (!!), we both caved and bought a few favorites and are excited to show them to you guys today.


As you guys know, we don’t bring items into our home that we don’t absolutely adore. There’s just no space for that. So rest assured that the accessories I found from Nordstrom are special.This Good Vibes Only sign is not only adorable, it's actually how I feel!

The first is this “Good Vibes Only” sign. How awesome is this?! It’s quirky, has a good message, and makes for a great addition to our guest room. Because let’s be honest, I don’t want anyone staying in our home unless they’re bringing their good vibes along with them!The Good Vibes Only sign looks great on our fauxdenza along with some books and other fun accessories.

Finn saw this new accessory in the guest room and immediately asked if he could bring it into work to display on his desk. Because it looks perfect on the fauxdenza in the guest room, I may have to get another one for his desk. And I’d love this one for my own desk!This black and white clay pot is the perfect thing to hold random bathroom items like cotton balls and q-tips.

I also added a new accessory to our bathroom. As you guys know, I recently re-styled our bathroom shelves to add some more hints of black to the space. I was keeping my eyes peeled for a new container to hold my cotton balls and q-tips, and then I found this one! The black and white stripes fit the vibe of the space really well!

BridgetLove these white flowers and this weekly planner! Added both to my office space. My must-have office items! Desk lamp. laptop, fun flowers and weekly planner.

I’ve been looking for a small, yet stylish, desk planner for a long time and ended up finding the perfect one right here. I keep an electronic calendar and an electronic to-do list, but now that I’m home for the summer, I like to have a paper copy so I can plan out my week… especially now that everyday looks so different.The Nordstrom Weekly Planner is the perfect size and style for my home office.

I’ve been loving the new weekly planner so much, I think I may buy one for my desk at work come August. And for $12?! You just can’t beat it! Nordstrom's Home Decor Store has our gold pineapples so we had to get another one!

We get questions about our gold pineapples often and when we saw the exact replica at Nordstrom, we had to share! We typically use ours as shelf decor, but the top of the pineapple comes off to make these the chicest drinking glasses ever. And this same style comes in rose gold (and it’s one sale!) or a mini version. If you’re looking for a little something to add a touch of metallic to your home, this may be for you.Nordstrom Home Decor: Gold Pineapple - doubles as a drinking glass! | DIY Playbook

Oh and side note. Did you guys know that pineapples are the sign of warmth, friendship, hospitality, and welcome?! It seems like we are always looking for meaningful (yet stylish!) new homeowner gifts but we never thought about a symbolic pineapple piece until now. These cute pineapples may have to be our new go-to homeowner gifts! This pineapple light-up sign could be awesome for a patio or dorm room and this pineapple bottle opener is just too cute! Nordstrom Home Decor: Gold Pineapple, Good Vibes Sign | DIY Playbook

So what do you guys think, will you be adding Nordstrom to your “places to check when shopping for home decor online” list like we are?! Or maybe you already have it on your list! In that case, we would love to hear about some of your favorite Nordstrom decor finds or what’s currently on your wish list.



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