Our Living Room Seating Area in the Front Window

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One of the highlights about our new house is the crazy amount of natural light we get in here. Because our home faces east, our living room is flooded with so much gorgeous light in the morning. – specifically, the large spot in the front window. I adore this area and always pictured cozy seating here where we could lounge as the sun streams in (not to mention…this is going to be the BEST spot for our Christmas tree!).

Adding Living Room SeatingLounging in our Nord Chairs from Article

After choosing our sofa, I started to look for more living room seating and I specifically wanted two chairs to put in this front window area. Because our sofa is low to the ground, without any visible legs (as is our coffee table), I felt like I needed some “leggy” chairs to make the space feel a bit lighter. I scoured the internet (I tend to do tons of research when looking for anything for our home!) and I quickly landed on the Nord chairs from Article. They had stellar reviews on their site, plus, I could even see the exact chair styled in other people’s homes (love that feature as it really helps me envision the furniture in my own place). Oh, and  they offer free shipping on orders over $999.

The Nord Chairs

Our living room seating areaAdding living room seating with the Nord chairs from Article

These beauties arrived last week (fully-assembled…heck to the yes) and I feel like our entire living room has been transformed. The Nord chair from Article

Talk about sleek! I adore the walnut color on the wood legs, as it’s a nice complement to the white oak hardwood floors. As for the fabric, I went with the “Galaxy Gray” color and it’s a great neutral base that works well with the rest of the room. The Nord is also available as a leather chair or velvet chair (I’m obsessed with the “Balsam Green”), so there are lots of options to make this super cozy chair work for your home. Buttons on the back of the article Nord chair

On the backrest of the chair, there are four little buttons for some added detailing. Two chairs in a window to add living room seating

Before I ordered these, I measured this area quite a few times. It’s actually a pretty big spot and I didn’t want the chairs to feel dinky. Luckily, they’re sleek but pretty hefty and they fill the space nicely. enjoying my additional living room seating

I always say if you’re going to sit on a piece of furniture, then you should make sure you buy something that is good quality (i.e. look for nicer sofas and chairs, but save on side tables, coffee tables…). These chairs are a great price and they’re also incredibly well made. I can sit my butt in them all day long and they’re sturdy and comfortable.

Round Side Table

Because the chairs have straight lines, I knew the side table in between them should be round. Incorporating both round and straight lines into a space keeps it interesting and adds a lot of depth to a room.  Round side table

This Vitri walnut side table brings in a Scandinavian look, as it’s simple and clean looking.

Right now, the tempered glass top has a faux plant and candle. Stacked coffee table books with horseshoe

While the bottom has stacked coffee table books with my lucky horseshoe on top! I’m sure I’ll change around the accessories constantly, but for now, this felt like a cute little setup.

Patterned Pouf

The chairs have texture, but no pattern to them, so I brought in this Bamba pouf. It was such an inexpensive way to add some color, and life, and it’s the perfect spot to put up my feet and relax. Adding a pouf to our living room seating area

My goal with our living room, and really our entire home, is to make it inviting and comfortable. I want our guests to be able to take off their shoes, put their feet up, and feel right at home! This pouf will be a great way to do just that.

What’s Next?Adding living room seating

The rest of the living room is slowly coming together, but in terms of this area I’m almost done. I’m planning to hang sheer curtains on these windows (a pretty olive green color!) for privacy, color, and to draw the eye up to our beautiful crown molding. Adding living room seating with article accent chairs

It will actually be an interesting project because I’m planning to do a continuous rod on all three walls so we can pull the curtains closed all around. I’m waiting on a few more parts to arrive, which might not be until the beginning of October, so stay tuned for that.

Our living room seating area

And be sure to come back here on Monday. I’m showcasing our new sofa in our living room and how the rest of the space is coming together. As each week goes by, it looks better and better. I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite room in our new house.


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